7 Simple Improvement Tips To Make Your Home Attractive To A Buyer

When you live in the same house for a very long time, you stop noticing certain things around you that need attention or improvement. But someone who visits your place for the first time will surely notice them. Here are 7 such easy improvement checklist that will help you in selling your house really quick.

7 Simple Improvement Tips To Make Your Home Attractive To A Buyer

A well-known property advisor, Angus Reed tells us more about these little changes that can make a big impact on the buyer’s mind and make your property look attractive:  

  1. Clean and fix things:If your home needs minor repairs, fix it. It can be a little hole in the wall, broken door knobs, cracked tiles. Clean everything until it looks as good as new. Clean everything that could smell and make sure your home doesn’t have a bad odor.
  2. Everything they see should have a purpose: Buyers who are inspecting your home will take the image of your home with them. When you show them the dining room and they take a look, they expect a fine-dining experience. If things are cluttered, and especially the ones that do not belong there, it will detract them from the fine-dining feel they are seeking from the room. So, before you show them your house make sure everything they see around has a purpose.
  3. Clearing the sight lines:If the sight lines of your house are not clear, it will be difficult for them to recall the layout of your home. You certainly don’t want this right? Arrange your furniture and decoration items in a way, such that the sight lines of your room are clear.
  4. Highlight focal point with the right colors:The seven basic colors are VIBGYOR and the colors that are near the Red tend to be advancing towards you. This is the reason why the color red is used in the traffic lights, so that it catches your attention first. Similarly, the colors at the other end of the series tend to recede away from you. You can use these colors according to their advancing and receding attribute, to highlight the features you want.
  5. Give your home a warm feel:Use warm lights instead of stark bright light. There is a reason why warm lights are called warm, it gives your home a welcoming look. It doesn’t stress your eyes. Stark white light is good if you are performing a surgery or want to give the place a corporate look.
  6. Fix the noises:Just the way the looks are important, so are the noises. You will not notice the noises that you have been hearing for a long time, but the new person will. You should try to fix every creak and squeaks that comes out of doors, floors, stairs or anythings that makes any kind of noticeable and irritating noise. Before inspection starts address these concerns.
  7. Get rid of the over-personalized stuff:Sometimes you accumulate a large number of showpieces and personal stuff. You may feel each of them is essential since they have a story behind it, but this can make it look cluttering to the visitor. While some a few personal stuff is essential, you should get rid of them that are over-doing the personalization, and make it look a little simpler. Make sure your room reflects the neutral style that you can find in many modern hotel rooms.

You need to follow these steps to ensure that the buyers have a great first impression of your home. It is important to prepare it in a way that they get a feel and imagine that the house can be their own home with ease.

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