5 Secrets To Measure Your Customer Service Quality

Every business wants to deliver pioneer services to its customers. When it comes to providing nothing but the best to the customer, quality is paramount. Quality is the base of the service industry. Everything right from the product to the customer service revolves around this one thing only. Customers demand quality in everything and they want nothing but the best.

Quality holds extreme importance and business process outsourcing is no different. But the question which arises here is on what parameters a thing like quality can be measured. There are no basic factors but surely there are a few considerations which hint towards how good or bad the service might be. Here are some great ways which will help you in determining the quality of your service levels.

5 Secrets To Measure Your Customer Service Quality


If the customer is dissatisfies the first logical thing which comes to the mind is complaints. By measuring how many complaints you are getting you can decide where your service levels are heading towards. More complaints surely mean that there is something which is wrong. If the complaints are common then you know which area needs improvement. Criticisms are a reflection of your customer service levels and they should be given due attention. In business process outsourcing especially, customers lodge a lot of complaints and these are a good means to identify all those areas which demand improvement. These complaints can be further segregated into various grades and levels depending on their severity.

Questionnaires and polls:

Actively seeking customers’ perception through varied questionnaires and polls is a sure shot way of understanding where you are going wrong. By encouraging your customers to participate and asking them continuously about your products and services, you will be able to understand a lot out of them. Asking your customers to rate a particular service on a scale of zero to ten and asking for other quantifiable details is a sure shot way of understanding what resides deeply in your customers’ hearts. A best mirror is an old friend! Likewise, no one other than a true customer can highlight the areas in which you’re lacking.

Customer referrals:

Another criticality which can help you in ascertaining the quality of your service ineffective business process outsourcing is customer referrals. How likely your customers are willing to recommend your brand to their friends and family is a good indicator of good or bad your service is. Customers only recommend a product further when they genuinely believe that it is good. By interacting with your customers and asking them about how likely they are to recommend your products to others is a nice way of determining the level of quality your customer perceives about your product and services.

Complaint resolution:

A yet another factor which plays a vital role in determining the level of quality which is provided by you is active issue resolution. There might be some customers whose issues still rest unresolved. Just imagine the kind of dissatisfaction these customers might be holding and spreading further. The time of complaint resolution needs to be reduced to great extents. If the time taken to resolve an issue is high, then you can be sure that the quality of your service isn’t up to the mark. Whereas lesser time involvement in resolving the issue is indicative of superior quality in customer service.

Staff turnover:

If the attrition rate of your organisation is high then that is a clear indication towards the fact that something wrong is happening within the organisation. Higher attrition rate means that the employees are dissatisfied and displeased employees can never give you a set of satisfied customers. This is a problem which rests within the organisation and needs to be duly taken care of. Only and only when the employees will feel engaged would they be able to engage the customers further. You should ensure at all costs that the people working for you are happy in doing so and if not then necessary actions should be taken to ensure that.

The quality of customer service can be measured on these parameters and if at all you find yourself lacking on these qualitative considerations then it is high time that you start taking corrective actions towards the same. Quality service is critical to customer satisfaction. And a company should always work towards giving the best to its customers.

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