5 Rules To Buy A Hand Knotted Carpet

If you are reading this article, then it is sure that you are interested to buy a handmade hand knotted carpet. Handmade carpets are very exclusive carpets. It is not a thing which you can buy every week, every month or every year. So you should know the answer of some questions which I am mentioning below.

5 Rules To Buy A Hand Knotted Carpet

  1. What is a hand knotted rug?
  2. How a hand knotted rug made?
  3. How do I clean a hand knotted rug?
  4. What style should I choose?
  5. How to select Material of carpet?

Now find the answer of these above questions and know about hand knotted carpet. So you can find a perfect carpet for your home.

 1.  Hand knotted rug: – Hand knotted rug is woven on a loom which is called handloom. Handloom is a foundation of woods which is constructed using wood horizontally and vertically. It takes approx. 4 – 6 months to weave a single carpet. The weaving duration depends on the size of carpet and also the color combination.

5 Rules To Buy A Hand Knotted Carpet

2.  How a hand knotted rug made: – For weaving a hand knotted rug, weavers follow approx. eight steps. More than one weaver is involved at a time for weaving a single carpet. First, weaver creates a foundation of fine quality cotton material and then starts weaving process using wool or silk material for providing the design and the look of carpet. This is called weft. Knot density is a traditional measure for quality of handmade or knotted pile carpets. Hand knotted rug contain “One of a kind” design pattern.

3. How to clean a hand knotted carpet: – Hand knotted carpet is 100% hand washable. You can wash it by hand at your home but never use a hard hair brush for scrubbing the stain otherwise; carpet can lose the beauty. Place your hand knotted carpet at an empty yard and flow warm water on it. You can use detergent with water and flow this solution on the carpet and scrub by hand. Remember that the flow direction of water should be in the direction of piles. You can use baking soda method, ammonia solution etc. method for removing the stains and dark spots from your beautiful carpet. After washing it, placed it in shadow to dry.

5 Rules To Buy A Hand Knotted Carpet

4.  Select Your Style: – This is very necessary to know that what the interior style of your home is. There are two type of interior style. The first one is traditional and second one is modern. Hand knotted carpets are available in both style. So finalize your interior before buying a hand knotted carpet. Hand knotted carpet contains various design is several color combinations so you can select the design according to your interior and color, you can choose from existing products like furniture, curtains etc.

5.  Select the material of carpet: – This is the most important thing to know because hand knotted carpet is an expensive thing. So you can take according to the traffic in your room. If you thing that you want to use a hand knotted carpet at high traffic area then you can take a hand knotted woolen carpet and if you want to place a carpet in a low traffic area and want to make as a focal point then hand knotted silk carpet is the best option.

Follow these above point for finding the best carpet for your home which will go through your home interior and reflect your personality and choice.

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