5 Creative Ways To Earn Money On Instagram

During past few years, Instagram has turned into a strong force which is to be used in the world of marketing. By 2017, Instagram has got more than 700 million active users monthly, and this number is increasing day by day. This is quite amazing. Thus, it is no wonder that the brands are currently dedicating a heavy percentage of their marketing budget to the social media networks. So, how is it important for you?

5 Creative Ways To Earn Money On Instagram

Well, today is the perfect moment to get the benefit of expanding fame.

If you are ready for putting the commitment and time in it, you can look yourself in the position where you can earn money from your Instagram account.

Here are the top creative guidelines which can be used for cultivating large sum via Instagram.

1.    Make sponsored posts:

Users on Instagram having integrated followers can make money by generating the genuine sponsored contents for various companies. Simply, the sponsored posts having photos or videos on Instagram which reflect the features of a product or specialized services of the company, carry huge value and can help in earning a lot of money.

All these posts are made and provided with the caption which includes the name of the brand in the form of hashtags and the URL links. Companies don’t usually need the formal brand ambassadors for generating the sponsored content. However, it is common for them in order to tap particular influencers for making content time to time.

To get advertisers to contact you for sponsored posts, you should have a big audience. If you don’t have an engaged audience, you should buy real Instagram followers so that you could get more and more offers.

2.    Always add a link to your blog:

The links to products and those of your blog are quite important while you think of making money using your Instagram account. Each of the photo or videos you share should include the CTAs (the links of your blogs or the places where they could be purchased). Also, be sure that you include the tag or the item number which could make this sale easy.

3.    Post high-quality photos:

Despite many few features, Instagram has and will always do wonder in terms of posting the beautiful photos. Nothing can entice the prospects and monetize an Instagram account as compared to the high quality and fascinating photos. Show the users that your company is linked with the photos which can activate your visual sensory. Tell the story of your brand in pictorial form and show off each of your product in a creative way.

For instance, you own a gym service; you can include the pictures of the hot chicks carrying out work out on the machine.  You can look for the amazing way in which Starbucks has used the graphics for showing the detail of their latest brands.

Make sure that you post the pictures of the recent products and services. Like, you can give an introduction of your new upcoming book. You can use the snap of the cool cover of the book and mention its release date to spice the things up.

4.    Gather testimonials from customers:

You can ask your happy customers to post a video or photo about their experience of using your product. Nothing is more motivating or convincing than the content or testimonials which provide the social proof of the high quality of your product.

5.    Choose an influencer on the job for you:

Being a celebrity can give you many benefits. But, obviously, this is not true for everyone. There are many people who need to gain the massive follower base on their accounts for making themselves accessible to earn a lot of money. For instance, if you sell the apparel look for women for the famous online influencer like fashion bloggers, any of the social media guru or the entrepreneur, having the strong follower base. A lot of the blogger models will be willing to share about the brands they use and why they buy the products of any of the specific product, which is the best idea.


So there are best five ways which you can use to make it possible to earn money with the help of your Instagram account and get started to build your own empire. More you are able to understand the basics of making your account a stable income source, the stronger your collaborations will become.

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