4 Things You Should Tell Your Tire Dealer To Get The Best Tire

No matter how expensive your car is, tires are the one thing that is responsible for keeping them on the ground. Whether you need them for stopping your vehicle, for turning it, or for comfort, their performance is as important as that of your car.

4 Things You Should Tell Your Tire Dealer To Get The Best Tire

Selection of the right tires for your car is very important. When you go to a custom rims and tires store, you need to define them what the kind of tire you are looking for. Following are the things you should tell them so that you get the right tire for your car:

  1. Weather conditions of your driving location: The kind of performance that is expected from the tires depend upon the climatic conditions. You should tell the sales rep about the usual weather condition of your driving location. Is it too hot or too cold? Does it rain much or remains dry? Does it snow, if yes, for how many months?

Extreme climatic conditions require special tires that are specifically designed so that they can sustain the tough conditions. If the climatic conditions do not get extreme, you can go with all-season tires. These are usually sufficient for moderate conditions.

  1. Type of roads: For city driving, you need to start and stop your vehicle many times. This requires you to have tires that are very durable. Note that if you go for durability, you might have to compromise with the performance. For typical city driving conditions, you don’t need tires that are made for high-traction and high-speeds.

For wet roads, factors like braking distance should be considered. Use tires that provide less braking distance and are durable as well.

If the roads are not very good, you will have no option but to go with high-performance tires. These are made for off-roading conditions as well. These are generally more expensive than the ones that are used for city driving.

  1. Your driving style: Buy tires according to your driving style. You should know what is your style of driving. Do you like comfortable and quiet driving or do you like to experience adrenaline rushing through your veins?

If your driving style is comfortable and quiet, go for the tires that are made for a smooth and low-noise ride. Look at the speed ratings given on the sidewall of the tires. Go with the ones that have the ratings S, T or H.

For those who prefer to feel the speed and the curves on the road, look for tires that are made for greater handling and have higher speed ratings. These tires will feel stiffer, but will deliver better grip on the road. These tires will have aggressive tread designs and will look cool as well. They make more noise on the road than other tires.

  1. Tire Specifications: When you go to a tire store, it is important that you know the tire size and other tire specs of the existing tires. These specifications are written on the sidewall of a tire. You can also find this information in the vehicle’s owner’s manual which must be in the glove compartment of your car. The manual will help you read these numbers and letters.

Concluding Words: After you give them all the above details, the sales rep will suggest a tire to you. You should ask them what made them think the specific tire is right for you. Ask them to give you the final price quote and if the quote includes mounting and balancing charges too. Quality Tire stores provide warranty on the tires they sell.

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