4 Advantages Of Using Colored Trash Bags

Trash bags are a common requirement in every household, industries, restaurants, schools and every place where garbage needs to be disposed. With time, the trash bags have evolved from the traditional clear bags to the black ones and again now colorful trash liners.

4 Advantages Of Using Colored Trash Bags

Brief History of Trash Bags

Back in 1950, a Canadian named Harry Wasylyk invented the green plastic garbage bag made from polyethylene. The main idea behind the invention was to make it usable for commercial purposes. Keeping in mind the motive, the first set of trash bags were sold to a general hospital. However, it was in the late 1960s that trash bags began to be manufactured by the industries for commercial as well as home purposes.

Importance of Colored Bags

The trash bag comes in various colors like blue, green, pink, red, yellow. Not only do the colored ones look attractive, but you can use it in various ways, which you may not have noticed till date. Let me elaborate a few here.

To Distinguish Household Wastes

Wastes are of various kinds like kitchen wastes, dry waste like leaves, recyclable waste like glass, paper etc. To make it easier for yourself to distinguish the wastes, you can use different colors for disposing them. For example, you can dump kitchen wastes in black colored trash bags, use green bags to dispose dry leaves from the backyard and garden, yellow for collecting recyclable wastes like old newspapers and the red ones for wastes which can be dangerous like broken glass pieces, stone chips etc.

To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is very common and rampant among women throughout the world. According to the Centres for Disease Control, each year a large number of American women die of this type of cancer. Pink is considered to promote breast cancer awareness and in case of trash bags too, one can use the pink ones for the same. The hospitals can make use of such pink trash bags to dispose off medical wastes.

Cost Effective

One can replace the trash bins in the backyard or the park and streets, by simply using biodegradable colored trash bags. These are cost effective and easier to dispose off. By placing different colored trash bags on the corner of the streets or in front of malls or the public parks, people can understand in which color to throw what kind of waste. Even these can be used to dispose debris in the construction sites.

For Donation

There are many things lying around the house that you wish to donate like old clothes, old toys etc. These things often occupy a large space in your house and you look ways to store them till you donate it. Here, colored trash bags can come to the rescue. If you use black trash bags for disposing off kitchen wastes, then you use other colored bags like yellow or green to store the things that you wish to donate.

If you used to think all this time that trash bags can only be used for disposal of wastes, by now you know you can utilize this generalized concept and provide it new meanings with the colored counterpart. There are good online sellers of colored trash bags and you can choose your colors and start making proper use of them today!

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