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3 Types Of Lavender Diffusing Essential Oil To Consider

An Englishman’s home according to the wise man is his castle. When all the day in day out hurly burly is done, the chicken comes home to roost– people retire to their homes for final warm rest which rejuvenates the body of stress. A well structured home attributed to some level of aura makes one hell of a resort for relaxation, chilling out and sharing sweet memories with friends.

The bottom line is creating an ambient living environment is not unconnected with picking the right piece for your home design. When you have all the pieces set out. Lighting up your living space with some fragrances would weigh out. Hence, the need for a scent product or some sort of oil diffusers which can be implemented in the central ventilation system to permeate through the atmosphere of an entire living space in the be all and end all. To be a little more specific, lavender diffusing oils which come in different soothing and friendly fragrances will do.

Probably the most common type of aromatherapies, home diffusers are for the most picked by most homeowners– not just for its fragrances, but also its environmental friendliness. With Lavender diffusers, aromatherapy is incorporated into a home setting to make a house a true home. The beauty of such products is that they are made from natural constituents which have no negative impacts on the environment. As much as you follow the manufacturer’s guides, you will get the best out of lavender diffusing oils some of which are listed below:

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Pure Lavender Diffuser

Connate to the Mediterranean, the lavender plant grows in abundance in regions such as Spain and France. A fully grown lavender plant is 2000 fits above the surface of the soil with some sort of blue flowers and red thorn which have very strong scent. Pure lavender diffusing oil is extracted from the plant. The oil is either mixed with other oils or diluted. Products made of pure undiluted lavender oil are very powerful and has to be used under the recommendation and guide of an aromatherapist.

Stoechas Lavender Oil

The Lavender stoechas diffusing oil is extracted from a spiky plant plant which is native to the European coastline areas characterized with crystalline rocks. The plant grows abundantly on the rocks and any soil type in the aforesaid regions. They are much stronger than pure lavender plants– with 70 percents of ketone presence in stoechas, it provokes allergies. Follow the guide of an aromatherapist or manufacturer for the application of stoechas products– or better still if you really want strong fragrance, look for a better alternative– perhaps, something powerful yet mild and suitable for home use.


Lavandin oil is extracted from a plant which bears a lot of similarities to pure lavender plants. Lavandin plant is native to France. When traversing the Lavandin garden in France, you would see them here and there. They grow at a little lower height than the pure lavender plants. Much more larger quantity of Lavandin than pure lavender is produced in the Mediterranean regions. For that, most manufacturers of lavender products use it.

Lavandin functions the same as lavender pure oil except that it has a sharper fragrance and permeates through an entire living space much faster.

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