Zebra Technologies Launches Thermal Color Printing With The New IQ Color Labels

Zebra Technologies, a leader in the market of printing solutions demand and automatic identification solutions, announces the release and immediate availability of its IQ Color Thermal labels, enabling color printing on all printers existing thermal Zebra.

Thanks to the direct thermal technology patented by Zebra IQ Color, users can print labels in customized color. Users can customize their labels by choosing the size, shape and up to three colors (eight colors). During label manufacture, Zebra applies color developers on selected areas. The color regions are not apparent on the label; they will be enabled only when printing to make them visible colors to highlight key information according to user needs. Each label can be customized as well when printing with images, text, shapes or color graphics.

“Technology IQ Color reflects the constant efforts of Zebra to provide customers with innovative products that streamline their operations and reduce errors and costs,” says Thierry Vasseur, Regional General Sales Manager. “By eliminating the need for pre-printed color labels, which require the change of rolls or printer, customers can reduce inventory and improve productivity.”

Zebra Technologies Launches Thermal Color Printing With The New IQ Color Labels

Enhancing the range of Zebra products, IQ Color supplies are compatible with all existing Zebra thermal printers and can be used and benefit a number of industries including:

  1. Healthcare: IQ Color labels can be used for laboratory or pharmacy to identify and prioritize orders.
  2. Transport and logistics: The color labels highlight the instructions orders to reduce shipping errors and storage. IQ Color labels also allow the management of stock Real-time management to ensure FIFO (First in First Out) and to easily identify incorrectly positioned items.
  3. Manufacturing: Crucial for the identification of products at inspection and assembly phase, IQ Color labels can reduce the cost of using additional labels and ensure quality control.
  4. Retail & Distribution shelf labels using value promotions or product characteristics.

About Zebra Technologies      

Zebra Technologies Corporation provides the broadest range of innovative printing solutions designed to improve business and client security applications process – identification, traceability and deployment of resources – in more than 100 countries around the world.

Zebra’s core: customized printing solutions, reliable and secure. Many solutions are at the service of Zebra customers, barcode printers, RFID labels, receipts, tickets and plastic cards. Zebra also offers its customers wireless mobile printers, the Zebra Designer software, e Zebra Link supervision software and a wide range of consumables Genuine Zebra and after-sales service Zebra Care.

Allowing to significantly improving the supply, visibility and security, Zebra offers its customers to optimize their strengths, seize new opportunities and technological challenges. 90% of the 500 companies ranked by Fortune magazine rely on Zebra. If you are using Zebra printer at your home or office and facing any issue with thermal color printing then you can call 24×7 our Zebra printer technical support phone number +1-888-989-8478.

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