Yes, Large Families Can Take Ski Trips

Some people hesitate to plan a skiing trip for a large family or group of friends because they think it becomes too complicated when there are too many people involved. However, by following the tips below, you should find it possible to successfully arrange a skiing or snowboarding trip that everyone can enjoy whatever the number of ski trip participants.

Yes, Large Families Can Take Ski Trips

When to Go

One of the challenges of planning a skiing and snowboarding trip is getting people’s schedules in harmony so that all participants can go. If it is a family trip with children involved, then it is usually necessary to plan the trip for when the kids are out of school. Holiday vacations, winter breaks or even as late as spring break can be ideal times depending on where you go. If you are going to a high altitude or far northern location, the range of possible dates is even wider.

Where to Go

Whether you plan to stick close to home in Colorado or attend a skiing resort halfway around the world, there are certain basics you need to be sure will be available if you are traveling with a large family or group. Book your flight and make reservations in advance, the better to avoid school vacation price hikes. Inquire whether child care services are available, if you think you may need them. A chalet or apartment is probably better than a hotel for accommodating larger groups who want their rooms together. Larger resorts are more likely to offer more activities like restaurants and stores, as well as a wider range snowboard and skiing trails.


Every skier and snowboarder knows that the key to enjoying the sport is having the right equipment. Nothing spoils the fun like being cold, so the right protective clothing is a must. Don’t forget the sunglasses and helmets for the kids. Be especially sure to purchase good ski jackets and boots. When it comes to the skiing gear, some people prefer to rent, others to own, all depending on the level of interest of each participant. In general, it is better to have bought the equipment for permanent ownership so you know it is just what you want. However, when it comes to kids who are growing up fast, it may make sense to rent. Some places may even let kids rent for free.

It’s All About Planning

When you come right down to it, a successful ski trip by a large family or group basically comes down to planning. Don’t be afraid to ask what each participant wants and needs, writing it down if need be in order not to forget. Giving yourself lots of advance time to attend to the details is the best way to make sure everything is arranged just as it should be according to the specific circumstances of your group. With proper attention to the details, there’s no reason why your family and friends can’t go on a skiing trip that is fun for all.

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