World’s most effective steroid, Deca

Deca Durabolin which is also popular by name Nandrolone is one of the most popular steroids in the world.  It is highly popular amongst the body building community for various reasons. It is known to enhance the stamina in the body and also increase the muscle mass in a short time ranging from 4 to 8 weeks without giving any side effects. It acts by promoting the muscle growth in the body by effectively synthesizing the protein that is available, as a result of this the strength of muscles is increased, their resilience is improved and also they recover faster from injuries. Many users have shown visible results in as much less time as 30 days from the time they started using Decaduro.

Major advantages

Another major advantage of this steroid is that it can be used without prescription and it is totally legal. Users have shown results where they were stronger, and could endure better after they started using this steroid.  The reason for improved strength in body is the increase in the muscle mass and also the amount of nitrogen that is retained in the body increase. It also acts on another aspect of growth which requires proteins by enhancing the protein synthesis in body.

Deca results in weight loss in body but there are no side effects related to this, it has shown reduction in swelling in cells, which otherwise have many negative effects on the skin, head and prostate.  Using Deca has also shown a positive impact on the joint pains and joint injuries. Other injuries which have lingered from a long time in the users have recovered quickly after they started using this steroid.

Suggested dosage

The moderate anabolic nandrolone dosage varies from men to women. It is recommended that men should use Deca in quantity ranging from 300 mg to 800 mg.  The suggested dosage amongst women is much lower compared to that in men, it is recommended for women ranging from 50 mg to 100 mg only. The time period for which it should be taken remains same for both men and women, it is about 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

People who want to use this with the intention of cutting fat should not take more than 400 mg per week whereas men looking to gain weight can take up to 600 mg per week.

Deca is known to reduce the amounts of testosterone in the body and hence it is mandatory to take supplements of testosterone as well along with this steroid.

Deca is available in the pharmacies most commonly and also in the black market.  This drug has approval from FDA but is quite expensive. It is known to cause hepatotoxicity of the liver, only known side effect till date.  Although it was initially prescribed to treat anemia in the patients, it is rarely being used for this purpose these days. Doctors can also prescribe this to those patients who suffer from HIV/AIDS as well.

When taken as per the suggestion and due diligence it is known to give many benefits but one must be careful about the side effects as well.

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