Work Anywhere With 2 Cloud Technologies

The buzzword in the IT market these days is cloud computing and the various boons it bestows. The cloud computing model has various amenities which can be custom configured as per needs and requirements of an individual or organization. The essence of cloud computing such as SharePoint Online is to liberate users from access restrictions and curtail dependency on localized hardware. The rationale of this article is to elucidate two cloud technologies which allow this freedom such as SharePoint Online and Cloud Desktop.

Work Anywhere With Two Cloud Technologies

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SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint has been around for a while, but its move to cloud with the introduction of Office 365 is fairly recent. SharePoint Online addresses and rectifies some core issues which can otherwise prove to be a hurdle in collaborative work. Its salient features are as follows:

External access control made easy

Before the advent of SharePoint Online, managing external access for sensitive documents and content was a nightmarish scenario. For starters, there was no way of tracking who was accessing a particular document, what rights to bestow upon those accessing content remotely, and how to track changes being made. SharePoint Online provides a one stop solution for all the above mentioned problems. It equips an IT director with tools necessary to control what type of content can be shared and collaborated on. The process of collaboration itself is fairly straightforward. Users merge a Microsoft account to their corporate email address and use it as credentials to access a whole host of content including folders, documents, sites and even media files.

Work from anywhere

The most prominent hurdle in telecommuting or working remotely is the inability of accessing the official network. Office 365 based SharePoint Online frees users from their dependency on a single device and even relying on official network. All the content that is required for work is made available through an internet connection and can be accessed using any device. Even in the absence of an internet connection work done offline can be synced to windows explorer through SharePoint Online. As soon as internet connection becomes available, the offline work is uploaded and incorporated.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop or Hosted Virtual Desktops entails remotely accessing a machine which comes preconfigured with all the applications and tools which you have on your work desktop. This service can be accessed even with a mobile device without compromising any of the leverage one would expect with mobile platform. Apart from this, there are several other potent advantages of using cloud desktop such as:


One of the primary concerns while accessing sensitive work content is security. The information being relayed to and fro can be high jacked by miscreants. With cloud desktop services, the remote session is thoroughly encrypted rendering it useless to eavesdroppers. Another boon is physical security of the data as most cloud desktop providers have immaculate physical security measures in place to safeguard their client’s sensitive data. The client data is regularly backed up on equally secured servers making it a highly viable disaster contingency plan.

Cost Saving

Cost saving and cloud desktop are almost synonymous. Companies using cloud desktop can dual save their revenues by opting for cloud based desktop for their employees instead of provisioning expensive desktop machines. This in turn also means that companies stand to save money which would otherwise be used for hiring dedicated on location team for maintenance of desktops. If there’s a need to upgrade the hardware or software configurations for the desktops being provided to employees, only a simple request to the cloud desktop providers will suffice instead of costly hardware acquisition and buying expensive software licenses.


Last but certainly not the least, availing cloud desktop services increases the productivity of employees by a substantial margin. The employees have the freedom to access their office desktop using an array of different mobile devices. The experience however is the same as if they are sitting in the office using their desktop machines. In this regard, provides custom made desktop solutions for businesses at competitive rates. For all your cloud desktop solution visit this wondrous site.

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