Why Use Professionally Installed Gutter Guards?

The primary purpose of any gutter is to collect rain water and direct it towards your water tank or away from your roof and walls. This is necessary to maintain the structural stability of your house. However, most gutters also collect dirt, debris, bird droppings and dead leaves which over time can lead to major gutter clogging. If left unattended water will start to overflow and start to weaken your homes walls and foundation. In addition, the collection of dirt and debris can and cause potential health risks. Furthermore, this build up attracts birds and pest which breed and can create havoc in and around your gutters.

To address this, a viable and effective solution is to use a professional gutter company to clean your gutters and install gutter guards. Adopting do-it-yourself techniques will most likely lead to unsatisfactory results. Attacking bird nests that are perched high up in the roof with bare hands or attempting to clean dirt or debris is difficult and dangerous without the correct equipment, skills or experience.

Why Use Professionally Installed Gutter Guards?

Installing quality gutter guard and bird proofing your home is a complex process that can be seamlessly completed by professionally qualified technicians with in-depth knowledge of gutter guard systems.

Considerations When Installing Gutter Guards:

  • Contract reliable gutter guard installers with a proven track record that stand by their workmanship.
  • Select good quality gutter guard that is durable and sturdy.
  • Avoiding low priced gutter protective meshes or wires. These are made of low quality materials, which give temporary relief.

Gutter Guard Installation Procedure

  • Obtain a competitive quotation and a clear outline of the installation procedure.
  • The next step involves team of technicians who arrive at your home or office to inspect the space wherein the gutter protection will be installed.
  • A team of gutter guard installers will arrive to conduct the manual labour of firstly cleaning your gutters and roof.
  • The team will install guards as per the instructions outlined during the initial inspection. Note: The time required for the entire process to be completed depends on the length of the area that is to be covered.

Gutter guard is essential for many parts of Australia and it all starts with selecting the right team for the job. Aussie Gutter Protection has been trusted for 16 years by 10,000+ happy customers. A friendly, reliable and hardworking team, we use only the highest quality Australian made Tapex products and guarantee our workmanship. Call or contact us to find out more or to get a free quote.

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