Why Is South Kolkata A Preferred Location For Your New Home?

If you are in the city of joy, finding a new home for your family, the good news is that it is going to be a very rewarding experience for you. Presently, a number of real estate organizations are coming up with different types of residential properties, especially gated communities, in and around Kolkata. With this, the earlier stagnant real estate scenario of the City and of West Bengal in general, is undergoing massive positive changes. And among the areas that are witnessing maximum development, South Kolkata happens to be on top of the list.

If you are ready to buy an apartment in Kolkata, you should consider South Kolkata, which is rapidly expanding and no longer, remains restricted to the popular areas of Hazra, Ballygunge or Jadavpur. A number of residential projects are built in the extended regions of the EM Bypass and needless to mention, these projects offer beautiful homes in even better surroundings. However, as a potential home buyer, you certainly need some solid reasons behind why you will go for a home in any particular location. So, here you go.

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  • To begin with, South Kolkata, as a location, offers the best transport and communication facilities in the entire city. The areas are extremely well-connected by means of the Metro Rail. Road connectivity is equally good with flyovers such as the one connecting Park Circus to Bypass and Ruby respectively. These new roads have reduced the time otherwise spent on road to reach from one place to the other.
  • South Kolkata also has its extended areas around the EM Bypass. So, if you are looking forward to living slightly away from the hustle bustle of the main city, you can choose homes in gated communities that offer greener and pollution-free environment along with landscaped gardens and so on. These homes promise you with the scope to live a green life while also enjoying modern amenities that naturally come with urban life.
  • South Kolkata typically offers a lot of entertainment options too. Just count the number of shopping malls and restaurants and you will understand why we say so. The new Acropolis mall in Kasba has turned out to be the coolest destination for the youngsters while the popular South City Mall never loses its charm when it comes to shopping, dining or spending some quality time with friends and family.
  • In South Kolkata, you not only get enough entertainment options but also have some of the best schools, colleges and hospitals. Some of the top hospitals in Kolkata like Fortis and Medicare are just a few kilometers from the bypass.

There are several reasons along with the ones mentioned above that indicate to South Kolkata being a preferred location for your new home. Just set your priorities right and find a good dealer to make the best choice.

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