What Makes Vinyl Medical Gloves Popular?

Use of medical and surgical gloves is very common in health industry. People working in food industry and dealing with hazardous substances also use these gloves. Different variants are available in medical and surgical gloves. For instance, latex gloves, synthetic (nitrile) gloves, and vinyl gloves are the most commonly used types of medical gloves.

What Makes Vinyl Medical Gloves Popular?

Vinyl medical gloves are very popular and are preferred over other material gloves because of several reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

  • Latex Free

Vinyl surgical and examination gloves are latex – free as they do not contain any natural rubber latex proteins. This is a favorable attribute for people who suffer from latex allergies.

  • Economical

When compared to other alternatives, vinyl medical gloves are a much lesser expensive option. These can be easily purchased in bulk and result in significant cost savings.

  • Several Ideal Applications

Medical and surgical gloves made of vinyl are best suited for applications where durability and protection are of lesser significance. For instance, there are several low risk procedures involving light duty hand protection in health care centers where vinyl gloves are ideal. Similarly, people dealing with food in these centers or in the food industry and also those working with non-hazardous substances prefer vinyl gloves over others.

  • Value for money

Vinyl surgical and examination gloves are regarded as ‘value for money’ as these gloves offer unparalleled economy, functionality and value unlike other medical gloves.

  • Availability of Several Variants / Options

Leading brands and manufacturers of medical and surgical gloves offer different types of vinyl medical gloves. Some of the most popular types of vinyl gloves are listed below:

  • The common types are made of soft and semi-elastic pure PVC polymer and are lightly powdered to make it easier to put them on.
  • Some types feature smooth surface and are powder-free. Many of these variants are designed for single-use only.
  • Some of the ‘single-use’ variants of vinyl gloves come in blue color to ensure easy identification and also to easily spot any breakage.
  • Some premium quality vinyl gloves come with an aloe inner coating to offer superior comfort and prevent the skin from getting chapped or irritated. These gloves are preferred for their excellent protection and tactile sensitivity.
  • There are also brands offering superior vinyl gloves made of new resin that provide exceptional protection and strength while maintaining tactile sensitivity. These gloves offer better fit and feel, are available in cream color, and have no odor.
  • Some advanced vinyl gloves have a unique PVC polymer blend to provide a soft, elastic feel and a better fit at the cuff than regular vinyl gloves. The polymer interior makes donning easier. These synthetic powder-free vinyl gloves are becoming very popular for offering much comfortable fit and feel.

If you are looking for a low cost option in surgical and examination gloves, vinyl medical gloves are an ideal option. You may choose to purchase them online through stores that are reputed for serving as one-stop online source for all medical supply needs.

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