What Is PALS Certification and Why It Is Beneficial

Emergencies can happen anytime anywhere. Being prepared and having the skills needed can save a life. Pediatric training can help you prepare for the most critical of situations. The training will help you respond swiftly to emergencies.

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What is PALS?

PALS stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. It is a program that takes the student through clinical scenarios. It helps students understand and practice life saving techniques. They learn these techniques as a team and team leaders.

The PALS course was developed by the American Heart Association in 1983. The plan was to create a course that would provide resuscitation guidelines and trainings for people, such as healthcare workers, that may be providing care for children. Now, the course teaches things such as life support care, cardiac arrest direction, and integration of advanced pediatric life support interventions.

The course work can be taken either in a classroom or online courses. Many people seek to take their PALS certification online for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the advantages of an online course.

  • You are able to work at your own pace. This is important because everyone learns a certain way. The coursework is not adapted to different learning styles, therefore it may take you longer than another to get through the information. The PALS certification online is flexible. You are able to set your pace and how you learn.
  • There is no set schedule. Most people are very busy. The PALS courses in person are at certain times, and these times aren’t flexible. The online courses are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is a huge advantage; if you are free at 11pm, you are able to work on the course.
  • An online course will save you money. While all online courses will differ in pricing, they all will be cheaper than in-person, classroom based courses. Double check with your employer to see if they require a certain company. Also, make sure they adhere to all standards set by AHA.
  • It can be completed at any location. So long as you have internet, you can work on the course. If you have down time at work, you could work on it. You can take the course work to the coffee shop for some quiet time with a donut.
  • Online courses are less stress. All of the above benefits make the process to receive your PALS certification much more relaxed. This doesn’t mean the coursework and materials are easier, though; you are using the same techniques and learning the same material as anyone in the traditional PALS courses.

Why is PALS Beneficial?

  1. A majority of hospitals and practices require that a certain number of staff members pass the PALS course. They also are required to pass the recertification two years later. If you are seeking a career in the medical field, it would be in your best interest to take initiative and get certified before required.
  2. PALS will teach you how to respond and treat critically ill patients, especially children, and infants.
  3. PALS teaches you the most important skill of CPR in order to help others survive. Also, you will learn how to use a defibrillator on children.
  4. PALS is designed for people who will be working closely with children, such as pediatricians, paramedics, doctors, and nurses.
  5. Anyone who works with children at all could have peace of mind once completing the PALS course. This includes parents, teachers, babysitters, daycare workers, and more. No one knows when an emergency may take place.

The best reason to take the PALS certification course is to learn how to safe a child’s life. There is no greater action that one can perform than to save a life. Take a PALS certification online course to learn all the necessary skills.

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