What Is A Mani-Block And Why Should You Consider Installing One In Your Home?

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice hot shower when suddenly the water temperature drops to freezing. When that happens, the standard solution is to adjust the water temperature to bring it back up, but shortly after that, the temperature can rocket up, making the water scalding.

This is because most of the water fixtures in your home such as the sinks, shower, and toilet, all share the same plumbing. Both water pressure as well as water temperature can fluctuate because of this, the result is an inconsistency all around your home. This is why a mani-block is fast becoming a standard for plumbing in both new homes and pre-existing homes.

What Is a Mani-Block

A mani-block is to plumbing what a circuit breaker is to electricity. The mani-block is a junction made up of individual lines, each independently pressurized, that run throughout your home, similar to how a breaker box controls the flow of electricity to various areas in your house. Essentially, it provides specific lines to the various water fixtures in your home.

This means that every facet and tap has their own pressure and temperature which not only helps to eliminate the fluctuations but as the water lines are running directly to each fixture, you’re able to get hot water, faster. This not only helps cut down on time spent waiting for the water to heat up, but lowers the cost of both water and the energy necessary to heat it.

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Why you Want a Mani-Block

Aside from no longer being afraid of taking a shower when someone decides to wash their sink, having a mani-block in your home has a wide array of benefits. They are very easy to install, which is always a plus, but what’s more is they are easy to fix as well. Even for those who aren’t as well versed in plumbing, a mani-box makes it very easy to quickly identify where the leak is coming from.

Because each water line is isolated, you can fix a line without having to worry of having to shut everything else down. Even if you have a plumber to come and handle the repairs, you can save yourself some money on the bill as the necessary repair time can be sheared down due to the separation and isolation of the individual water lines in the system.

This is a big part of the joy and fun of building a new home, making the decisions about how your home will operate and what systems it will use. Mani-block water systems, especially those combined with a solar powered water heater, are very cost effective which will help cut down on the your utility bills and overtime, the system will pay for itself.

It’s these decisions that affect not only your return on investment, but also the resale value of your home that make end up making a big difference in the amount you’ll pay during the time you live there. A Mani-block water system not only ends up being friendly to your wallet, but friendly to the environment as well, so it is definitely worth the consideration whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one.

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