What Does An Offer In Compromise Mean?

An offer in compromise is a condition that allows you to settle your tax debts for less than the full amount you owe. This is a legitimate option when you cannot pay your taxes in full or have some financial hardship. You may file an offer in compromise with tax relief firms in the nation. However, when you are looking for complete support when it comes to the offer in compromise, you must opt for a firm that is reputed and reliable in the market like Tax Tiger.

Tax Tiger reviews are good when it comes to the filing of offer in compromise. The professionals will evaluate your condition and give you immediate tax relief solutions. The professionals here say that the IRS will consider your set of circumstances and facts when it comes to the ability to pay as well as your income, expenses and asset equity. The IRS will approve the offer in compromise when the amount that is provided by you represents the most that they can expect to collect within the reasonable period of time. They will also explore other payment options before the offer in compromise is submitted. It is to be noted that this offer in compromise program is not intended for everyone. This is why the professionals here say that you should always hire a credible and licensed tax expert to manage the IRS offer in compromise filing for you.

What Does An Offer In Compromise Mean

The experienced professionals at Tax Tiger have years of valuable experience when it comes to filing applications for offer in compromise cases. They are more like your companions at every step of the process. When you meet them for the first time, you will find that they are very friendly and welcoming. They will discuss your case and give you the personalized attention that you need. If you check the Tax Tiger reviews online, you will find many people happy with their services and commitment to their customers.

With the aid of guidance and information by the Tax Tiger professionals, you may select two payment options for clearing your debts. The first option is that of a lump sum cash. Here, you have to submit an initial payment of about 20% of the total offer amount that is mentioned in your application. You need to wait for its acceptance in writing. Once you receive it, you have the option to pay the remaining balance of the offer in five or fewer installments. The second payment option available to you in the form of periodic payment. Here, you have to submit your first payment with the application and later continue to pay the balance in installments every month while your offer is considered by the IRS. Once it is accepted, you may continue to pay every month till it is paid in full completely.

If you have doubts, the expert tax relief professionals here at Tax Tiger will help you out with ease. All you have to do is contact them for help.

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