What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

First impression is the last impression they say and we have found it to be absolutely true. Whether you are going on a business meeting or a first date, it is important that you look your best. But, you cannot look your best unless you know how to achieve the look that you want and how people perceive you. One of the most important factors in determining this is which style of glasses you wear.

Let us start with the Minimalist. This is the style which says that you are dependable and with an underlying prowess for business. It uses a classic frame which can be rimless, semi-rimless, oval, or rectangle. This would be ideal for business meetings or job interviews. If you are going for a casual appearance we would suggest one from Zenni Optical with a casual pair of jeans and flannel shirt from End Clothing, you may use End Clothing coupon to save. However, if you are going with a formal appearance then Lord and Taylor would be better.

What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

On the other hand, we have the Hipster. It melds a vintage style with the contemporary undertones. You will usually find it in wayfarer and round frames. The rim is usually thick and comes in edgy colors. This is for people who can confidently say the following:

You all laugh because I’m different. I laugh because you are all the same.

Hipster frames have been used by people who changed the world. Somehow, the mere mention brings Bob Dylan to mind. You can find these with most retailers including Zenni Optical.

If we have been able to run your creative juices and if you would like to see the complete list of different styles and their underlying aspects, then we have just the infographic for you. We hope that, with this, you will be able to perfect your outlook for the best first impression.

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