5 Unique Museums In Singapore You Must Visit

If you are a traveller with a strong spirit of adventure, then uniqueness is what will quench your thirst. Look no further cause Singapore might just have what you are looking for. Why don’t you visit one of the museums found in Singapore and witness the extraordinary? Be sure you will learn something different and create memories that might just last forever.

Here is a rundown of some of the best non-conventional museums to check out in the city:

1. The National Museum of Singapore

5 Unique Museums In Singapore You Must Visit

The Museum was established in 1887 and is characterised by the vibrant festivals and extraordinary art exhibitions that get displayed there. You get to learn more about the history of Singapore and the cultural livelihood of the Singaporeans. You are taken through stories of individuals who happened to have witnessed the unraveling of the island’s history. The Singapore gallery is categorised into four themes namely food, fashion, photography and film. In the fashion category, you are treated to the display of different kinds of costumes worn by women from various demographics. You will even be given an insight into how those costumes were made. For the film category, three big screens keep you glued and entertained, showing old films and movie paraphernalia. The Chinese opera will take your breath away with the dazzling outfits worn by the actors. Even more, you get to witness Singapore’s food culture with colourful displays of delicacies arranged nicely. Singapore’s local life is well displayed through photographs, family portraits, artifacts and antiques.

2. Singapore Art Museum

5 Unique Museums In Singapore You Must Visit

The Singapore Art Museum mainly focuses on the art culture of the island. It advocates for the artistic side of life the locals have to offer. Make sure to visit both of the art spaces; the main space at the St Joseph’s Institution built in 1855 and its annex at 8Q SAM (Singapore Art Museum). Most of the ideas are inspired by the crescent moon of the Singapore flag.

3. Alive Museum of Singapore

Located at Suntec City, the museum showcases illusionary 3D art pieces that make you feel like part of the portraits. There are spots placed on the museum floor to guide the visitors on where to stand during photo sessions. Of course, the pictures are taken to next to the portraits. This will bring out the 3D effect and make it look like the person in the photograph is part of the painting.

4. Asians Civilisations Museum

5 Unique Museums In Singapore You Must Visit

This is the only museum in Singapore that focuses on showcasing different artifacts and a collection of different location in Asia such as China. The museum is located at the bank of Singapore River. Through the help of galleries, visitors can learn about Asia’s history and culture.

5. The Singapore Philatelic Museum

This is one of the most unique and fascinating museums in continental Asia. Its collection comprises of archival philatelic materials of Singapore from centuries ago to the present, and also stamps of member countries of the Universal Postal Union. The main of the museum is to educate its visitors and organise educational events that may help them understand the heritage of Singapore through Philately.

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