Top 8 Richest Actors In The World

Everyone aspire to be an actor. But not all are lucky enough to make this dream a reality. From my personal experience, I’ve found acting as one of the most challenging jobs and success does not come easily in this profession.

However, you can become a successful actor. If luck is on your side, you can even earn a fortune in this job. Don’t believe? Check out the earnings of some of the world’s richest actors:

  1. Merv Griffin ($1bn)


Indeed, Merv Griffin is one of most famous names in the showbiz industry. Throughout his career, he always stayed at the top and that is what made him get lots of respect & popularity. He was a famous actor, musician, and T.V host. Today, he has a net worth of $1 billion.

  1. Shahrukh Khan ($600mn)


The King of Bollywood, as he is fondly known by his fans, Shahrukh Khan is rightly the undisputed King of Hindi film industry. When it comes to the estimated net worth for him, it goes up to $600 million and this makes him one of the world’s richest actors.

  1. Tom Cruise($480mn)


Tom Cruise is the pride of Hollywood who has countless fans from all over the world. His estimated net is up to $480 million. However, he deserves more than that as his acting is what that gives him an edge over other actors.

  1. Amitabh Bachchan ($425mn)


He is a famous Indian actor with a net worth of $425 million. After a slump in his career during the 1990s, Amitabh Bachchan emerged as one of the most bankable Bollywood actors. At an age of 74, the actor is still rolling more money than most of his younger counterparts.

  1. Mel Gibson ($425mn)


Mel Gibson is listed among the most attractive men in the world. Apart from having good looks, he is also a fantastic actor. Having won several Awards, he also boasts a substantial wealth of more than $425mn dollars.

  1. Johnny Depp ($400mn)


Johny Depp is a multifaceted artist. He is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter. However, he is primarily famous for his exceptional acting skills and chiseled looks.

Today, he is regarded as one of the most bankable actors who can give blockbuster movies. Today, he values more than $400 million which makes him one of the wealthiest actors in the world.

  1. Jack Nicholson ($400bn)

Jack Nicholson

One of the greatest actors from Hollywood, Jack Nicholson is still the first choice for many filmmakers. He has given some of the biggest blockbusters in the past that include The Shining, As Good as It Gets and The Departed.

Known for his psychopathic roles, he is among the few actors who have won three Academy Awards. With more than $400 million, he is among the wealthiest actors in the world.

  1. Tyler Perry ($400bn)

Tyler Perry

Known for his famous avatar of Mandea, Perry tasted phenomenal success as an actor. He debuted in 1998 but it was not until 2005 that he first won accolades for his role in Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Today, he has a net wealth of $400 million which brings him in the list of richest actors. His wealth draws a big chunk from Tyler Perry House of Payne, a TV show that achieved huge popularity.

The above-mentioned actors are famous for their outstanding acting skills and style. No wonder they boast a massive fan-following who loves their each and every film. Today, they have earned tremendous fame and fortune thanks to their beloved fans. Hope you like the mentions on the list.

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