Top 5 Reasons For The Difference In The Body Shop Estimates

If the body of your car is badly damaged in a collision, the first place you may want to take it is an auto body repair shop and the first thing you want is an estimate. If your insurance company is involved, they will give you an estimate of the repair costs. However, it is always wiser to seek estimates from different body shops whose services you are considering to use.

Well, there is a standard process of repairing the car’s body and painting it. Therefore, you will notice that most of the estimates, which you get, are close to one another. However, this is not the case all the time and at times body shop prices vary greatly. Well, why is it so? Here are the top 5 reasons why body shop prices vary greatly from one another. Go through them thoroughly and help yourself make an informed decision.

Top 5 Reasons For The Difference In The Body Shop Estimates

Why Body Shop Estimates Differ?

  1. Difference between the types of parts used in repair

This is one of the biggest reasons why estimates of different body shops differ. Some shops use aftermarkets and OEM parts whereas some only prefer using genuine ones. As we all know genuine parts are the most expensive one and aftermarkets are the cheapest.

Now, to determine whether the estimate is proper or not, it is important to understand different types of auto parts. You can cut down your cost by using aftermarkets instead of genuine ones. Visit our website to know more about different types of parts used in collision repair.

  1. Difference between the systems used to estimate the repair

Generally three systems are used wide to estimate auto repair cost – Mitchell, CCC and Audatex. In spite of using the same data, all the three systems calculate the cost a little differently and thus their results are different.

  1. Difference between the assumptions of hidden damages

Most auto body repairs will work on two types of damages – immediately visible and the one which is observed after dissembling the vehicle. Now, while providing the initial estimate, the estimator has to assume some hidden damage as per his/her experience. These different assumptions made by different estimators affect the final estimate a lot.

  1. Difference between the labor rates of different body shops

There are usually three labors working on collision repair – body repairer, painter and mechanic. Each of the labor works on different areas of the vehicle and charges differently for the same. The difference between per hour rate may look nominal like 1 or 2 dollars, but when it is a larger repair, the amount is big.

  1. Difference between the periodic sales and discounts offered by the body shop

Just like any other business, body shops also offer discounts to attract more customers. In some cases, you may qualify for a discount. For instance, if you are a member of a particular Club or Society associated with the body shop, you might avail a good discount.

No matter who has written the estimate, it is always wise to understand every detail of the estimate thoroughly. If the estimator is not willing to help you understand the estimate properly, you might be in the wrong body shop.

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