Top 5 Cocktails For A Student Party

While we all know what college life is with respect to academics, all of us want to know what happens inside those exciting student parties which happen after hours. Student life is not all about studies and exams. It is about having the best years of your life with friends who are closer than family.

Not everybody is a born host, but you can become one with these amazing sure shot cocktails which will make you a favorite among your friends! These are the top 5 cocktails for a student party which will make your party an affair to remember and make you the party king among your friends. These are the tried and tested cocktails which are famous in student circle and are loved by everybody.

Top 5 cocktails for student parties:

1) Long Island Iced Tea

LAIT is one of the best cocktails for people who love to shake things up. It is a combination of Vodka, Gin, Rum, tequila, triple sec and cola. It is a favorite among college goers for the headiness and the taste. You probably need to just start with a few first as it is one of the most alcoholic drinks out there but once the taste sets in, there is no going back!

2) Margarita

Popular with the ladies, it is a tequila drink with so many amazing flavors to choose from. Just mix up some orange liquor, tequila and lemon juice and you have a sunset surprise ready to be served. Serve it with salt and lemon wedge for that extra punch.

Top 5 Cocktails For A Student Party

3)  Sex on the beach

While the name may ring a bell for different reasons, the drink is as good as the name! Part peach schnapps and part cranberry juice with vodka, this drink is perfect for summer parties and poolside bars. Ding ding ding!

4) Mojitos

This drink is topping the popularity charts with young fun loving students because of the freshness and the flavors. It has lime, crushed mint leaves, sugar and some rum, it can be customized to any taste and liking. Add some chopped up mint leaves on the top for that extra zing. Green apple mojito is a favorite of many.

5) Sangria

Since we are covering all alcohols, we just cannot leave wine behind. Wine may be a classy drink but it can fit just as well into a youngsters party. Add wine, lemonade and orange juice to freshly cut fruits and a yummy jug of sangria is ready! Didn’t we tell you, youngsters can make even the most boring things full of fun! Who thought of wine in a cocktail otherwise if not for some drunk students one night with a fridge full of wine and fruits!

So these are the best cocktails for a student party.

They not only taste good but are super easy to make as well. Each drink just needs 2-3 ingredients which are easily available. There are no hard to pronounce flavored liquors nor any ingredients which need a night of preparations. Just make huge pitchers of each with ice and the party is a sure shot winner! Keep topping up the glasses and clink your way to a degree!

Jennifer Broflowski is a blogger and member of Edusson Australia community

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