Tips To Use Couplings For Your Application

If you have spent a significant amount of money on purchasing a new pump and a motor to power the machine, the next important decision you need to take is how to connect the two so that you can run the pump to its fullest potential and at the same time prevent the machine from wear and tear. One of the best ways to accomplish this mission is to use the couplings correctly to run your application. If you are looking for some tips how to use the metal coupling correctly to get maximum out of the machinery you are using, then the following tips will greatly come in handy for you:

Tips To Use Couplings For Your Application

Don’t choose to Buy a Coupling based on the Price or Habit

Typically, several engineers tend to buy a coupling based on their experience and habit of working on their previous projects. However, you need to remember that different types of applications requires specific type of couplings and since not all couplings are created equally, using a wrong coupling due to your habitual practice may lead to mismatching of the coupling to the needs of the machinery. This in turn would reduce the efficiency of the machinery. Also, make sure that you don’t choose a coupling that is cheap. This doesn’t imply that you have to buy the most expensive one in the market, but it means that you need to buy a coupling that is cost-efficient and is best suited for the application you want to use it for.

Determine the Best Way to Mount the Coupling on Top of the Shaft

The technique you use to mount the coupling on top of the shaft will determine whether or not the coupling will function to its fullest potential or not, irrespective of the coupling is right or not for the application. If you are using a coupling in a unidirectional application that has minimal shock, the traditional keys and the taper brushing technique will work the best. On the other hand, if you are using the coupling for reversing loads and other applications where the shock is high, the keyless locking technique would be ideal as it has minimal backlash.

Get Acquainted with the Jargons

This is another important thing to know while working with metal couplings; you need to know the basic jargons like, you have to know the difference between inch ounces and inch pounds. Although, it may sound very basic but more often than not people tend to get confused with the unit of coupling’s torque ratings. Just as it is important to know the difference between torque ratings units, it is equally important to know the difference between overrated and underrated couplings. If you are using a coupling that has insufficient torque rating for the application, it may break the coupling, which in turn would affect the working of the machine and affect the work. Similarly, if you choose an overrated coupling that has a torque rating higher than required for the application, it may be unnecessarily stiff and bulky and hinder the smooth functioning of the machine.

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