Tips For A Housewarming Party In Your New Apartment

Introduction:  Heartiest Congratulations on your new home! After buying a new house, every resident becomes keen towards throwing a party on their new investment. Indians are mostly into performing rituals first, then they decide on a housewarming party. If you are planning to do something like this then be the best host of your social gathering. You may be a bit confused and sometimes take a back seat as you have a small space in your apartment. However, this reason can never spoil your mood. Here are a few tips that will help you take the right decision when planning for a party.

#Tip 1:  Avoid Throwing the Party Right After you Move In

As it is a new apartment, you will take some time to settle with everything. Make your place organised, decorate it nicely and clean it properly to give a fresh look. It is obvious that your relatives and friends will die to see your new flat. However, at least take two – three weeks to unpack your luggage, settle in comfortably and get your apartment in a tip-top shape.  Take time to clean, arrange and adorn your new flat before you are ready to party.

Tips For A Housewarming Party In Your New Apartment

#Tip 2: Figure out the number of guests your flat can comfortably hold

If you are a resident of a 1BHK apartment or a studio, you do not have an extra space. In such situation, arrange for a small party that will be perfect and fun for everyone. Make sure you limit the guest list and act accordingly.
If you are a resident of an extra spaced apartment, say 2BHK or 4BHK apartment, then things are much easier. Ensure that you have enough seating arrangement and remember to maintain the noise level. However, if you find some extra space in your flat, you can jolly well add to your guest list.

#Tip 3: Use Social Media (Facebook) to Invite People

Written invites are great and classy. However, do not opt for printing the invitation cards or mail the same and wait for a response.  To cut short the time, you can carry out the same thing via Facebook’s event feature. Using this feature creates the event, specify the venue and time, and then invite your friends and relatives. Make sure you avoid that single person who responds “maybe”. Get the accurate head count and be sure how many heads are attending.

#Tip 4: Keep the Refreshments Simple

If your housewarming party comprise dinner for your invites, then there is something to remember. It is advisable to keep the dinner simple if you do not want to spend much. Offer your guests hot dogs, burgers, kebabs, chicken/egg salad sandwiches. This option will be best if you have a small group of people in your home. For large groups, might be packets of Biryani followed by plates of salads and sweets will be an ideal dinner.

#Tip 5: Involve Your Guests in Fun Activities

As we all know, chit chatting takes the centre stage in all parties. Let your invites mingle with each other, know each other well, thereby, making a great evening. In between this, plan for a group activity like board games, antakshari session, and so on. If there is a little more space, you can arrange for a dance session as well.

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