This Valentine’s Day Say It Right With Right Flowers

Giving flowers can be a great way of expressing love. This is the reason, Valentine’s Day always see a rise of flower sale. However, the problem is people tend to buy only rose on Valentine’s Day, and that too red roses. They never think past this flower. The reason might be the meaning of the flower. Everyone knows that red rose symbolizes love. For this reason, everyone buys red rose to express their feeling. Yet, every flower has its’ own meaning. Every flower has a separate story to tell. To be different this Valentine’s Day, you need to learn about the flowers that are available in the market.

This Valentine’s Day Say It Right With Right Flowers

Since the Victorian age people have used flowers as gift of love and affection. They used flower rather than spoken words to express their deepest feeling. From this age some of the flowers have carried the symbolic meaning forward. If you don’t know the proper meaning, you might give out wrong message. If you give half a dozen rose to someone, you will express the need to be loved. This many does not know.

Though you might be picking roses when looking for valentines day flowers to Hyderabad, the flower experts have something else to say. They say that you can pick up any flower that is on the bloom in the month of February. That is the reason, make sure to learn the meaning of some of the famous flowers.

Red Rose


Let there be love. Yes, this flower carries the essence of love and when it is Valentine’s Day, it is of small wonder that red rose will be high on demand. Speak of love, speak of passion, and speak of commitment with just one flower. That is the reason, red rose is topping the chart of Valentine’s Day flower.

Pink Rose


Pink is the color of love. This tender color speaks of innocence and tenderness. If you are at the verge of starting a relationship or you are about to express your feeling to her, this is the color to pick. Pink rose is that beautiful token of love which she will cherish for days and when it will dry out, the flower will surely find its way inside her diary. Pink is a very feminine color and that is the reason, the rose in this color should be a gift for her only.

White Rose

This Valentine’s Day Say It Right With Right Flowers

White represents purity. It speaks of love that is eternal. If you want to express the feeling of true love, if you think you have found the person who is your eternity, look no other way. White roses might have a melancholy sense as it is associated with death, it is still the flower which make people think of heaven on earth.

Orange Rose


Orange is the color of passion. To heighten the sense of love and express the passion which you feel for your loved one, pick out a bunch of orange roses. This type of roses might be a little difficult to find, yet, to be a bit different, you can opt for this flower.

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