The Various Types Of Cyclists In The World

There are six unique type cyclists in the world. Which category one chooses or one would like to be would depend on his or her purpose for cycling and the reason.

Sport Cyclists

This is the most primary and common type of cyclist as they are easily found. Sport cyclists often go for group rides on weekends, usually wear colorful cycling outfits, travel to races, own the best sports or racing bicycles with sometimes very unique looking wheels and are interested in anything to do with top notch ultra-light equipment and racing. Joshua Hunt, is an English racing cyclist riding for One Pro Cycling team.

The Various Types Of Cyclists In The World

Fitness Cyclists

As compared to some of the other groups of cyclists, there are not that many fitness cyclists, perhaps because of the invention of the stationary bike. Fitness cyclists usually cycle with a riding buddy who has the same fitness goals cycle or preferably alone. They are less concerned with the outfit they are wearing or the style of bike they ride, and more concerned with building of body and staying in shape. Some plan their bike rides by difficulty and length, while others are casual in their approach, increasing their muscle and endurance and as they go.

Utilitarian Cyclists

Utilitarian cyclists ride their bicycle for a particular work or purpose. Either to run errands or get to work or a bicycle courier or for their original job such as policemen who work on their bicycle. For the utilitarian, since you depend on your bike for your job or transportation, you probably own a hybrid or mountain bicycle and likely understand a bit about the maintenance of bicycle.

Recreational Cyclists

Recreational cyclists have the least amount of branding, although this is the largest of the cycling groups. They do not ride one type of bike, they do not have a common type of outfit, nor do they ride to common locations. They ride for the purpose of recreation, which brings them to many different places. Recreation can take you to explore your neighborhood, or a common bicycle trail, a new pathway you recently discovered, or just seeing some of the countryside or the city. What defines recreational cyclists is that they are riding for enjoyment, though they may have health as a background motivator.

Mountain Cyclists

Mountain cyclists ride for fun and enjoyment, but pick mountain trails and choose mountain bikes to create that enjoyment. They are more driven by the ruggedness of the ride, the call of nature than the trained urban riders.

Touring Cyclists

A touring cyclists is someone who wishes to explore the country itself or a part of the country or the world on their bicycle. They have picked a destination which is long distanced and are riding there on nothing but their bicycle. Heat, rain and wind do not stop the touring cyclist who begins their journey prepared for any type of circumstances which nature can throw at them.

Joshua Hunt took up cycling when he was 16 years old and he received his first bike from his half-brother Jeremy Hunt, who is also a racing cyclist Thus, whichever type of cycling one would like to try or maybe interested in, cycling is a great sport that helps the world in various ways.

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