The Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Hopping Onto A Motorcycle

Let’s be honest. Motorcycles are one of the most freeing vehicles that you can possibly own. With no doors or roof they allow you to become a part of the road and the surrounding environment. They are also considerably more dangerous to ride if you do not get the appropriate information before riding off into the sunset. Beginning to learn about motorcycles with no prior knowledge can be a bit scary, but in reality it is all quite simple. It essentially comes down to you, the bike, and you knowing how to ride the bike. In this article I will explain how knowing about these three things can prepare you to ride your motorcycle.

The Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Hopping Onto A Motorcycle

  1. You

You, need to be protected. This means buying the appropriate safety gear in case something goes wrong. No matter how good you are at riding, it only takes one other person on the road that is not paying enough attention to cause a serious accident. Remember, you are more vulnerable than the people in cars. The essential gear that you should get includes an approved helmet, goggles (if the helmet does not have integrated eye protection), a riding jacket, gloves, pants and boots. All of these things must be made for riding, otherwise they will not protect you. Remember not to be frugal with this stuff. After all, it is potentially your life on the line. If you are unsure about what brand of gear you should buy, you should look through the various reviews that are available to you.

  1. The Bike

It is important to do some research on motorcycles before you hand your money over. The different types of bikes include cruisers, sport, touring, dual-sport and standard. Knowing the different types will help you decide what kind of bike you want. Once you have chosen what type of bike you want, you will have to figure out what engine size you want. It is typically wise to buy a bike with a smaller engine as your first bike. This is because a smaller engine will make it easier for you to learn and the bike should be less expensive. You will also need to take into account how tall you are and how high the seat of the bike is. The rule of thumb here is that you need to be able to comfortably touch the ground with both feet when you are stopped. If you can’t, then the bike is too tall. You should also consider the weight of the bike. The size of the engine will also play a part here. If you are relatively small, you may want to refrain from getting a big heavy bike. It will be harder to handle and more likely to fall over. Choose a bike that you can comfortably handle.

  1. Knowing How to Ride the Bike

Now that you are all geared up and have a motorcycle picked out, you need to make sure that you know how to ride it! Typically, the best way to do this is to register for a class and learn from some professionals. Usually in these courses, a bike will be provided so you don’t need to worry about trashing your freshly bought bike. Not only will you learn the basics of riding your bike, you will also learn some tricks and tips that your teachers could only learn after years of riding. Some of these tips are brought up on It is important to be ready to be a beginner. If you have a decent idea about how bikes work and how to ride them, then some of the things they will teach you will seem boring and obvious but pay attention regardless!

Motorcycles are incredibly liberating machines but to enjoy them fully, you must have the aforementioned knowledge. The key is to be prepared so read up until you feel comfortable enough to start learning how to ride. Try not to rush yourself either, this experience should be an enjoyable one!

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