The Pros Of The Paleo Diet

A paleo diet is one of the oldest diets known to mankind and has a number of health benefits for people opting for this diet. Unlike most human diets, a paleo diet is a nutritional based and consists of meal and seafood that come under the category that most primitive men would hunt. This diet also consists of nut, vegetables and fruits, which fall under category that such men would gather. Genetically, most human beings can easily adapt to this diet and it has a number of health benefits especially at a time when obesity, chronic heart diseases and diabetes are affecting millions of people around the world.

The Pros Of The Paleo Diet

The inherent health benefits of a paleo diet as per popular health specialist Geoffrey Morell in the USA are as follows:

  • Weight Loss

Most people would find it easier to manage the body weight by reducing carbohydrate and sugar levels in their diet, which is possible by opting to go on a paleo diet. This is a logical course as the sugar and grains are the main culprits behind excess blood sugar level that cause diabetes. When a person substitutes such foods with plants and animals in his/her diet, it reduces the carbohydrate and insulin levels in the body. This enables a person to manage his/her weight more efficiently and effectively.

  • Enhanced lipid Profile

Blood lipid levels indicate where or not a person may suffer from a heart disease. Paleo diets increase HDL cholesterol levels in the human body while lowering triglycerides and making small changes in LDL cholesterol levels. This helps in combating heart diseases and reduces the chances that a person will suffer from such ailments.

  • Enhances a person’s mental condition

People who opt for a paleo diet are in a better position to combat anxiety and depression. Moreover, such people have a less acne complaints than people who opt for traditional western diets.

  • Fiber

Paleo diets encourage people to eat natural whole food that contain plenty of fiber. The increase consumption of fiber reduces the risk of constipation, lows cholesterol levels along with reducing the risk from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fiber also helps in maintaining a person’s body weight.

  • Better Digestion

Paleo diets improve the digestive system of the people who opt for this diet in spite of the fact that it may not contain as much fiber as most nutritionists would recommend. People who consume a paleo diet regularly are less likely to suffer from heartburn and other similar aliments.

  • High in healthy fats

Paleo diets are rich in healthy fats like omega-3, which most seafood products like fish contain. Omega-3 is useful in fighting the signs of aging and enhances brain functioning.

  • Its Filling

Unlike other diets that make people feel hungry even after a meal, a paleo diet is rich in fiber that makes the body feel less hungry for a longer period.

The above are just some of the inherent health benefits that people can enjoy by opting for a paleo diet says Geoffrey Morell. However, it is important to note that in spite of opting paleo diet to improve his/her general health, a person still has to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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