The Most Terrible Passing Out Among Sportsmen

Although there are a lot of effective ways to protect every athletes or sportsman today, there are still a lot of threats and unexpected presage in the world of sports, with the advance technology and knowledge of professional handlers and nutritionist, such situations still unexpectedly draws in, and one of the most common is passing out, which occur after extreme level of physical activity and intense handling of energy, in medical terms it is widely known as syncope also known as fainting or a sudden loss of consciousness, since when you are at such motion, our blood pressure becomes lower and our blood heading to our brain dramatically decreases, oxygen supply drops to the point of shutting down, that makes functioning to preserved.

Researchers are still conducting a series of studies, continuously studying such receptors that cause the blood distribution to become lower, receptors that cause sportsmen to pass out are seriously common due to the sensation and process that let every special nerve structure to collapse.

In recent years, we have already witnessed a large number of this inevitable situation, and now that we had already passed the main culprit and the cause of action, we are going to take a look to the 6 most terrible passing out among sportsmen.

1. Rodney Stuckey

During his game against Cleveland, after being so exhausted and pressure, Stuckey surprisingly fainted and had a seizure during a regular time-out on the bench side, he was brought to the nearest hospital with a stretcher.

The Most Terrible Passing Out Among Sportsmen

2. Du Feng

when Du Feng and his advisers decided hit Charles Gaines. It became one of the biggest mistakes that an athlete had ever made; Gaines caught him with a solid jab and knocked him down, causing him to immediately pass out in the ring.

3. Allan Cheney

When forward Allan transfer from Florida to Virginia tech, and when performing a regular work out, Cheney pass out and immediately brought to the hospital and was diagnosed with extreme dehydration.

4. Rodney Criss

Criss immediately fainted during his game, and was given an immediate CPR but didn’t make it to the hospital even though the place was near, for he was declared dead before reaching the emergency room.

5. Basheer Singh

Singh collapses after reaching the finish line during the annual Indian marathon at Bombay, People went panic that causes the delay of bringing Singh to the nearby hospital, although he was declared as the winner, he retires and now serves at the New Delhi National Marathon Team as a trainer.

6. Gilbert Bulawan

Suffered cardiac arrest and passed away during a team’s practice at the age of 29, the autopsy revealed that Gilbert deteriorates from intense heat and practice.

Names such as Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong who had given us the excitement and greatness in sports, there are still circumstances that we can’t avoid, every sportsman is at great risk, whenever there in a game and even in practice, there are several life threatening problems that can cause us to pass out. But knowing such instances and using a help for students tips could possibly save a life as well as an athlete’s dream.

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