The Golden Temple – Pride Of Amritsar and Home To Sikhs

The Golden Temple is one of the most iconic temples around the world. It is surely the most celebrated and most highly regarded temple of Sikhs all over the world apart from being a site of major tourist attraction to Amritsar. This article solely talks about the majestic Golden temple.

The Golden Temple - Pride Of Amritsar and Home To Sikhs

One of the top cities in the Punjab state of India, the city of Amritsar is well renowned for its rich history and its cuisine. Yes, everything ‘Amritsari’ you see in the posh Indian fine-dining restaurants in other parts of the world originated from here. Punjabi cuisine is largely considered as ‘Indian’ cuisine in other parts of the world. Most of the dishes on the menus of restaurants specialized in Indian cuisine are from Punjab and the best place to taste Punjabi food is nowhere else other than the city of Amritsar. Amritsar is easily approachable from New Delhi by road while there are also many trains originating from the Amritsar railway station. You can simply check for train status’ online like 15212 running status and the search result will show you exactly what time the train leaves from Amritsar.

Apart from the cuisine, one of the main attractions to Amritsar is non other than the majestic Golden Temple. This temple is the main temple for Sikhs all over the world and is visited by hundreds of thousands devotees each year. Found in the heart of Amritsar, this structure is inherent marble and is half-shrouded in genuine gold, which shimmers splendidly when the beams of sun touch it. The temple is arranged amidst the Amrit Sarovar or the Holy Pool of Nectar and is open by clean marble walkways and asphalts.

The main thing to remember while visiting this temple is that no form of liquor, cigarette and food especially non-vegetarian is allowed inside the complex of the temple. Shoes are meant to be left outside and prior to your entry into the temple, you should wash your hands and feet from the pool right outside the temple. The temple is come to by the marble walkway or Guru’s Bridge, which is particularly excellent in light of the silver-entryway Darshani Deorhi, by taking after the parikrama or clockwise heading. The Hari Mandir is the most hallowed part of the temple and is the gold-secured working with copper carvings and white marble dividers encrusted valuable stones in a flower design.

The whole structure is secured with verses from the Guru Granth Sahib. Once inside the Harmandir, you would discover aficionados inundated in petitions, as reverential melodies are sung and sacred texts from the heavenly book are perused underneath a gem encrusted overhang. The book is fanned by a chauri and fans pay regards by touching their heads to the temple floor and dividers. An intriguing element of the temple complex is the Guru ka Langar, a feasting corridor, which really feed around 35000 individuals every single day!

The divider covering the Golden Temple is loaded with intriguing slows down and shops offering kirpans and models and photos of the Temple. Amritsar is additionally home to some lovely painstaking work and handlooms, particularly their phulkari and lacquered woodwork.

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