The Best Computer Tech Support Tips

More often than not, technology such as the phone and the computer is considered a boon. However, it can easily become a bane, especially when you have to spend hours talking to the tech support people in order to resolve an issue that might have afflicted your gadget. There are tips that can make it easier for you to handle these calls and be prepared for them so you do not have dedicate half a day talking to them.

What To Do During A Computer Crisis

Here is a step by step solution in case a problem with your computer has arised.


Your computer is acting up. The issue could be the windows crashing or a virus attack. Either way, you call the tech support which could turn out to be extremely helpful or a complete wastage of your time.

The Best Computer Tech Support Tips

What to Do

It is ideal if you check for yourself first what the issue might be. Depending on how well-versed you are with the technology, start searching for potential errors or problems the PC might have. Use your smart phone or another machine to Google the symptoms up. One option is to boot windows from the recovery disc.

Moreover, if you recently operated on the PC and rewired or added some hardware, check if the wiring is good. Try to figure out whether the problem pertains to the hardware or the software. Once that has been determined, further look into which area might be causing the issue.

Prepare to Call

Before making the call to tech support, collect all information on your laptop, the model number, the hardware specs and the software versions. The person under whose name the computer has been registered must be known including other registration details. Get the crash report as well by typing msinfo32 in the search bar.

Make the Call

Once the call goes through and you have a helper on the other end, get a number at which you can call back in case the line gets disconnected. Also, ask for a case code so you do not have to describe the situation to another person in case something else arises. If the computer does not turn on at all, there isn’t much that the support people will be able to help with because the problem most probably is a hardware issue that cannot be resolved on the phone.

However, if you are close to figuring out what software issue your computer might have, there are some basic tests that the support tech will guide you through and help you rectify the situation accordingly.

It is probable that if your machine is fairly new, you might end up with an upgrade. But then again, your computer might have a minor issue that is resolvable via a phone call. Either way, it is always better to check if you can resolve the issue or if you can identify the problem before you seek help from the tech support. This should help make the ordeal so much more convenient for you as well as the tech support team.

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