Technology’s Latest Gift – Virtual Reality

Technology has always been giving a lot to the human race, in order to make their lives simpler and easier to live. Computers, mobile phones, etc. have all been very advantageous boons of technology, the latest one is the Virtual Reality.

As the name suggests Virtual Reality is actually not real, it only gives the sensation of being real. This is a technology through which artificial environments can be created wherein individuals can experience very real, life-like feelings even though it is virtual.  These environments are created with the help of hardware and software of different types.

Technology’s Latest Gift – Virtual Reality

The area of life that this virtual reality is the most popular and sought after,  is that of computer games. As it is the computers games have kind of become an addiction to a lot of people, and mind you, this is not just the teenagers, there is a big ratio of adults like Bennett Kireker who thoroughly enjoy playing computer games. The addiction is very strong and it ought to be mentioned that it is not just the male fan club; females are also equally attracted to this new technology in games.

The ‘immersive environment’ as they call it, is a 3 dimensional concept and that is one of the reason why it feels so real, of course the added elements of being able to feel the sensations while in the environment makes it further more real. It sort of becomes a second reality. This environment can be best enjoyed with the tool called the HMD or the head-mounted display. This is like goggles with a screen attached to the end of it and after wearing it, the user feels like a part of that particular environment.

This almost real experience makes it a thing of great value in studies as well. It has been found that teachers are very cleverly using it in making the lessons interesting. A teacher is reportedly to have created a program on the topic of safety of buildings and when the students where the HMDs and enter the virtual world of buildings and understand what are the safe zones and unsafe zones in building, as well as take necessary photographs. This would not have been possible in the real world.

Hence, it can be said to aid in carrying out tasks that are not possible in reality. The training of the military or flying can be hugely benefitted with this technology that does not give scope for any kind of mishap or wrong use of equipment at the learning stage of the learner. Since, the equipments and the user are in the virtual world therefore, there are no ‘real’ chances of accidents. This makes the learning process more fun and simpler.

Also doing things practical attaches more retention of memory with it, students are able to remember better than they would if they had to read the working of things through the books, as they had been doing for so many years. All in all, it can be said that it is not too late when people of all classes, age, profession, etc., like Bennett Kireker will become more and more drawn towards this latest gift of technology.

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