Take A Plunge At The Spectacular Thailand Beaches

Thailand serves as the home to some of the planet’s most beautiful and stunning beaches. For the lucky people who were already able to travel to the country, they have seen and experienced for themselves that the beauty of the untouched place is what makes it the best vacation destination in the world.

Take A Plunge At The Spectacular Thailand Beaches

It is perfectly combined with the extensive variety of historical cultural found on its countryside so you can be sure that there will never be a shortage of exciting things that you can do in the country.

Since much of the land remains untouched by development, you can look forward to a peaceful living and sheer relaxation during your stay. The reaches of the mighty have not yet gotten this far and it means that you will get the very best during your getaway, especially as far as Thailand beaches are concerned.

Here are four of the best Thailand beaches that are well loved by both local and foreign tourists:

Phuket Thailand Beach

Phuket Thailand Beach is a great resort that you can enjoy on the months of November to March, mostly famous for full moon party with white sand. In this beach, there is more than enough for you to do. However, it is slightly more crowded compared to the rest of the beaches in the country as the place thrives on tourism dollars it brings it.

You can enjoy topnotch scuba diving experience here and you can also take a dip in some of the warmest and clearest waters in the world. Not too far away from the area, you can also find some attractions that can keep you busy for several days.

Khao Lak

Also one of the wonderful Thailand beaches is Khao Lak. It is short drive from the airport and is considered as a paradise offering a remote and serene vacation area that you can never find anywhere else.

Since the place is largely uninhabited, you can find a lush rain forest just nearby together with a host of wildlife that you can take in. The water here remains warm from the months of November to December and the scuba diving and fishing in the place is simply out of this world.

West Railiy Thailand Beach

West Railiy Thailand Beach is truly an undiscovered diamonds in the rough. It is almost impossible to find anything expensive here. In fact, you can stay at a resort for more than a week with no need to barely tapping your budget.

Its waters are sparkling crystal clear and the sands are milky white. Scuba diving is very famous here and even fishing. The location can only be accessed through a long tail boat so better plan for quite a long ride.

Phi Phi Don Thailand Beach

A bit of a turnaround, Phi Phi Don Thailand Beach used to be a nearly unknown and remote place. However, this has come to life when Hollywood decided to come and film a movie here. This is now said to be among the most famous Thailand beaches that is frequented by a lot of big names. It is a site you wouldn’t want to miss, with its inviting and warm water and breathtaking views.

Take A Plunge At The Spectacular Thailand Beaches

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