Stefmar and The Rise Of Pet Care

Do you remember how you felt the first time you’ve gotten a pet that is only a few months old? It’s like holding a petit creature that seems somehow fragile, which prompts you to wonder if you are capable of handling such a responsibility to begin with. Naturally, instincts kick in and you spontaneously begin to take care of the gullible youngling in a manner you deem fit, but as soon as some sickness befalls them or they hurt themselves somewhere, you get swallowed up whole by thoughts that you could have done something to avoid that drama.

Stefmar and The Rise Of Pet Care

Well, worry not, it is all part of the experience. Frankly, don’t expect that things will run smoothly with animals. It doesn’t go well with humans either, so you might as well face the facts now that dogs, cats, and other darlings will practically put you on the similar emotional roller-coaster whether you like it or not (except for the fish maybe). People at Stefmar are willing to show you what it takes to nurture your pet and what needs to be done so that your companion can have a happy life next to you in both the good times and the bad. Follow these guidelines and all will be peachy keen.  

Stefmar and The Rise Of Pet Care

Regular Exams

Animals, too, can have all manner of problems and complications, no matter if it is something serious like arthritis, or something regular like a milk-toothache. Preventing such problems from taking its toll is of the essence, so regular check-ups at your local vet’s is something that should be integrated in both your calendar and mind. Since they are not entirely capable of verbally expressing their discomfort and pain, you also have to learn how to read their body language and notice changes in their behavior (appetite, playfulness, fatigue, etc.). At least make sure that the visits to the doctor are done once per year, so that weight, nutrition, dental exam, vaccinations, parasites and other health screenings are all thoroughly kept under control. Also, a word of advice – never give your pets people medication! There are emergency animal care centers open 24/7 if necessity demands a sudden visit, just don’t treat them as you would treat humans.

Stefmar and The Rise Of Pet Care

Healthy Environment

It goes without saying that pets need an ambience where they can be themselves, explore, and thrive. Being chained up next to a doghouse won’t bode well for your canine’s development. Ok, they are usually kept behind a fence as guardians, but they too need freedom once in a while – places to go, other dogs to socialize with, and things to sniff and mark. As for the cats, well, they might be gorgeously snobby and bold autocrats who are low-maintenance, manipulative, and selfish, still, buying them toys, boxes and enabling them access to heights will put their curious nature at ease. Also, experts at Stefmar emphasize that each pet has its own personality and habits, so try to adapt to them, don’t just go around thinking that one approach to guardianship is suited for all.

Spaying and Neutering your Pets

This option should be considered if you don’t want your pet to breed or to be a nuisance to you and the community. It may be a hard decision to make, especially if you are looking at things from a solid point of view, but you’ll actually be doing them and yourself a favor this way. Thousands of pets who are lost, abandoned, and homeless are sheltered every year in Australia, but by spaying and neutering cats and dogs you are, in fact, helping decrease that drastic number. Also, there are many health benefits from this intervention, such as lowering the risk of certain cancers and reducing their need roam and wander off because a territory has to be marked and dominance has to be established. Oh, and don’t forget to ID microchip your pet, especially since it can help your pet find its way home.

Stefmar and The Rise Of Pet Care

If you feel like you need more information about taking care of your pets or about handling certain issues, feel free to contact Stefmar for help and guidance. They are more than eager to professionally help out in such matters, so don’t hesitate to ask for their advice which genuinely holds credibility since 1992. Pets are perfect companions if you know how to build a healthy relationship with them. They are living, breathing creatures who may sometimes seem like a handful, but offering love and attention under every circumstance is something we all should humanly do. 

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