Some Well Kept Secrets Of Hyderabad: Unveiling History

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, truly is a treasure trove of some exorbitant Nizami wealth, its stories, and many related secrets that are still not very known to the world out there. Even, the locals have no idea about them. With a present, marked by the splendid Golconda Fort and the soaring Charminar, did you ever think that there could have been a pretty lush past of this city so proud of its culinary and aesthetic gems today? Well, you deserve to know what in actuality does this sober looking Biryani land is hiding under its veil. The facts could be really shocking!

Some Well Kept Secrets Of Hyderabad Unveiling History

If by any chance, you come across cheap flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, and coincidentally, you happen to be a history enthusiast, then buddy, we need not persuade you to take a trip down the history lane where wealth, exorbitant lifestyle and secrets associated to Hyderabad and its one and only Nizam lie shrouded. Here are some to cure your curiosity-

  1. Biryani: Luxury or Staple?

    At first, Biryani was mainly prepared for soldiers and that too in a jiffy. Like a speedy and generous nibble. However, after the Nizams and other higher positioned authorities tasted it, they decided to obsess over it, like we all do till date. Also, once that began, illustrious families made a colossal arrangement out of it by including increasingly and scrumptious fixings and keeping recipes a mystery, and away from the common public.

  2. Longest Wardrobe

    The sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan, prevalently known as Mahbub Ali Pasha, never wore the same garments twice. His changing area had the longest closet on the planet. A whooping 240 feet long passageway like chamber, lined with cabinets on both the sides. The amount of Gold and Silver utilized as a part of the cupboards and different bits of furniture here is stunning. You can admire this colossal wardrobe at the H.E.H Nizam Museum in Hyderabad.

  3. Home of Kohinoor

    Ever wondered why the Nizams were always the loaded lot than any other royal beings? Well, the reason is the Kollur Mine. This mine, which was once the main and most precious stone mine on the planet, is also giver of the infamous Kohinoor diamond to the world. Now we can all rest in peace (not literally though)!

  4. Quaint Paigah Tombs

    Paigah tombs were for the most compelling and wealthiest families amid the Nizam period. The Paigahs were savage supporters of the Nizams, making them amazingly persuasive and rich. The design of the tombs is a diverse blend of turkish, mughal and hindu architecture, which is an unusual, however, an excellent blend! Although, the site is no longer well kept, and isn’t in the best of condition to attract enough footfall, but we recommend you to traipse around it once, just for the architecture sake.

  5. Abids: from ordinary to special

    The very famous commercial hub and probably one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad for shopping, the Abids Market is named after a Jewish valet of the Nizam VI, Albert Abid. Well, from a mere valet to having an entire, famous market in his own name! What are we doing in life?

These secrets are not very known to the general public, but only the scholars of history of Hyderabad, and of course, now you do too. So without much ado, plan a trip to Hyderabad, and live these historic details in real.

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