She Is Amazon Kindle Fire’s New Fire. Meet Alexa, The All New Virtual Assistant

Amazon may have started their hardware journey with Amazon fire smartphones and failed at its first attempt to get their smartphone to capture the market but they are getting better at it. Launch of Amazon kindles were a phenomenon it was like rise of phoenix from its own ashes. Well! Amazon seems to have learned from its mistakes. These days there is another revolution that is being shown the way by Amazon and it’s likely to take over the world like Kindle. Wondering what it is? Of course it’s launch of Alexa, the virtual assistant for kindle. Let’s find out more about it!

She Is Amazon Kindle Fire’s New Fire. Meet Alexa, The All New Virtual Assistant

Amazon has drawn inspiration from Apple sire in making its own virtual assistant service and it’s called Alexa and they are launching this service in all their Kindle fire tablets. You would just need to press the home button for a few seconds to activate it. As soon as the virtual assistant activates you can start to ask your questions and queries by use of your voice. It will respond to your queries in form of pop up card on the screen and internet connection is must for it.

Alexa would come fitted in 7 inch fire tablet and 8 inch fire series model. It lets you control your apps with your voice via Alexa. Want to listen to music? Just command Alexa to do so and it will automatically play songs from apps like Spotify, Pandora and Live music or do you want to know the weather forecast of place you are heading to? Alexa will do that for you by consulting the concerned app. If you are having some technical issues with kindle, just ask Alexa to dial Kindle Fire customer service and you can take it forward from there.

It’s said that Echo speakers if connected wireless with Kindle fire tablet then response of Alexa can be taken through the speakers only.

The Amazon has put the power of alexa in many of the Kindle fire tablets including old and new generations. Tired of reading books yourself well, Alexa comes to your rescue again, you can give voice command to alexa to read your books in your library aloud but there is a catch to the feature Alexa will only read eligible books which includes books purchased from kindle store, books borrowed from kindle owner’s lending library, books borrowed from kindle unlimited and shared with you in your family library but you must note that Alexa doesn’t support comics and graphic novels and also the feature of narration speed control is absent.

So converse with Alexa to have the ultimate Kindle experience.

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