Safe and Accurate Lab Equipment From Norstone

People who run laboratories know that the equipment used must be safe, accurate and durable. Norstone offers many kinds of lab equipment that make lab work easier and more efficient.

Safe and Accurate Lab Equipment From Norstone

Laboratory Equipment

Among the lab equipment on offer are:

• Pipettes and plastic lab containers of different sizes
• Sieves
• Plastic jars with metal sleeves
• Mixed flow impellers
• Plastic stirrers

There are also several types of blades, including:
• Straight blades
• Sweep blades
• square blades
• Pivot blades
• Collapsible blades
• Anchor blades
• Butterfly blades
• Propeller blades
• Axial flow blades
• High efficiency blades
• Radial blades

Norstone also sells stub shafts for blades and lab media mill set-ups.

The blades can be used with different types of mixers, including high intensity mixers, portable pail mixers, multi-shaft mixers that can be used on the bench top and lab air mixers. These can be used in conjunction with a mixer workstation, which is also on offer by Norstone.

Other types of equipment are dispersers, micro bead mills and jar mills, including a three-tiered jar mill in a soundproof cabinet.

There are also screens, filters, classifiers, tanks, chillers and abrasion resistant parts.

Grinding Media

Equipment for laboratory grinders are also for sale. These include grind gauges of several sizes and beads used for grinding. These beads can be made of different types of material, including food grade polystyrene and PMMA, which are odorless, non-toxic and dustless and cubic or cylindrical polyamide beads. Other types of beads are made of polycarbonate, polyurethane and PVC.

Grinding media can also be made of silica, including sand. Spheres made of soda lime glass are a popular grinding medium. Other silica-based grinding media are made from borosilicate glass, molded soda lime glass, flint pebbles or steatite, which is fused magnesium silicate made mostly of quartz.

Alumina type grinding materials are also sought after and include mullite, standard alumina, high density alumina, high purity alumina and toughed alumina. Another popular grinding material are sintered beads made of zirconia silicate, beads of zirconia silica, which should not be confused with or mixed with zirconia silicate and ZirSil-HD. Magnesium stabilized zirconia oxide, cerium stabilized zirconia oxide and yttria stabilized zirconia oxide are also excellent grinding materials.

Different type of steel are also used for grinding, including steel shot, cut wire, balls and cylinders. Tungsten carbide, silicon nitride and silicon carbide are also used for grinding.

There is laboratory equipment to accommodate nearly every type of project. The best prioritize safety, precision, effectiveness and ease of maintenance.

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