Role Model For The Society To Follow!

There are people that come into this world not only as professionals but they have a higher purpose in mind. Their sole motto is to be a successful career person and at the same time serve the society as a whole too. They ensure that every detail is looked into without hassles at all. They also wish to work very hard so that they are able to accomplish their goals with success!

One such individual who is an inspiring example is Mack Prioleau. He is an economist and serves the society as well. He says that ever since he was a young boy, he was very clear about what he wanted to do in his life. This is the first ingredient for success and career. He loved the subject of Economics and decided that this is where he wanted to excel in. Alongside, he says that service to the society as a whole is his calling and he states that everyone should make good use of his or her life to survive.

Role Model For The Society To Follow!

He believes that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. While pursuing Economics with minors in Financial Economics and Corporate Strategy, he says that the body too needed physical activity. This is why he made sure that he engaged in many outdoor activities in order to stay fit and fine. His parents too were very liberal and as a child he also travelled to many places. His parents organized a world tour and he was introduced to many cultures, people, languages and regions. He also picked up Spanish and his mindset also widened. He says traveling is very important to widen the mind!

Mack Prioleau is from Fort Worth in Texas and he was born in Berkeley located in California. Until the age of eight years, he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. His preliminary years and education has a profound effect on him. The world tour that he had gone to with his parents took him to 19 nations in the globe. This was a great learning experience and one of the best episodes in his life.

He also had an interest in fishes and this is what he wrote a thesis on fish population. He intensively researched a local lake and he wrote the paper effectively. He says that he has a penchant for doing new things and he loves stepping out of his comfort zone to try out new things. He says that you never known what you might discover in the end. There is no hard in trying. He says for success in life, either you do the task or you leave the task. The choice you make is up to you.

Mack Prioleau is a positive role model to everyone around him. He says that life is not just working and making money. There are new things to try and discover! You should also serve the community and discover the joys of giving. He teaches underprivileged children and nothing gives him bliss and happiness in doing so along with his work!

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