Restoring The Jewish Culture In America

Being the President, Guide and Chief Educator of Lakewood New Jersey based Dameron Fine Arts School Ronald Safdieh is extremely optimistic that the forthcoming generation belonging to the Sephardic Jewish community will continue to value and follow the paths of success established by their ancestors. With his perseverance, adore and concern for restoration of Jewish culture, traditional values and it morals in the US, in many occasions he met the earlier American President George W. Bush. Apart from the US president, his enterprising events and series of efforts were highly appreciated by the former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. During the meet, the Sr. Member of North East Sephardic Jewish community, Ronald discussed many points aiming to his objective with these national leaders.

Restoring The Jewish Culture In America

Dameron Fine Art School in NJ is a Boys’ K-8 standard Jewish educational center that is focused on offering students with finest standard academics and developing their knowledge, personality and eminence, embedded with the deepness of Sephardic heritage. Led by Ronald Safdieh the learned community offers across-the-board study curricula with a view to help students’ advance their textual, understanding and practical skills.

Dameron Fine Arts is a distinguished heritage school and the community here is dedicated to sustain and strengthen the vastness of the Jewish culture and its legacy in the United States. The esteemed institute is outfitted with a large digital library that has collection of widespread Jewish books and articles. For students interested to find out the culture, profoundness of the background and philosophy of Jewish society, this library is an ideal source. With its learned student friendly teachers, great library, and wide course options, Dameron is recognized as the most equipped and top rated Jewish School for students living in NJ and its nearby areas.  The academic course is chiefly designed by Ronald that offers thorough knowledge in regard to Jewish culture, its ideologies and traditions through steps, in easy way. Students also learn the legendary deeds and achievements of their ancestors’ which are rooted into the US history.

Ronald Safdieh is delighted to notice that keenness among the students to explore all about the Jewish heritage and culture is growing markedly and in fact, Dameron Fine Arts School has noticed record number of admissions in the recent times. Among the newcomers, most are approaching from Jewish as well as Sephardic community students residing in New Jersey areas. The passionate teacher believes strongly that for knowing about the values, the morals and heritage of Sephardic culture student life is the exact time. With this, they can make best use of its traditional values, once they step into their occupational life as well as in their domestic and social life, and help improve the community health.

Lately, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Safdieh are declared as the ‘ Founding Fathers’ by the YESHIVAT KETER TORAH, a prominent name engaged in Talmudic and Rabbinical arts and an academy managed by the esteemed Israeli society ELBERON Congregation Brothers, New Jersey. In his leisure time, Ronald is an art and culture enthusiast.  He is an immense researcher blogger and critic, and expends hours in studying and exploring Torah and Sephardic morals and its backgrounds.

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