Restaurant Business Management by Robert Sambol

There are plenty of restaurants that are coming up, but very few are able to win hearts or become popular. Of course, it requires careful planning, and proper market study to be done before investing in a restaurant business. These days, from fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant to family restaurants to theme-based restaurants, there is no dearth of restaurants. Yet, there are a few restaurants that make their mark in the heart of the guests.

One such popular chain of restaurants has to the Dallas-based Bob’s Steak and Chop House. The restaurant is ably run and managed by restaurateur, Robert J Sambol who had to undergo a lot of training and practice of working in the restaurants himself before he opened up the chain. The fact that running a restaurant is no mean job has to be kept in mind before even thinking of opening up a restaurant. A continental restaurant has to have a set of dishes with a few specialties and of course, it should have a few expert chefs on board who know the work exactly well enough. It is even more difficult a job to have a chain of restaurants that offer the same specialties and give the guests that feeling of uniformity that they want to get.

Restaurant Business Management by Robert Sambol

This is easy to say, but quite difficult to follow especially if the restaurant outlets would not have the same chefs running around for the work. Yet, apart from getting the basic idea right, the restaurant should maintain almost equal quality of food everywhere.

Robert J Sambol has learnt the art of managing a restaurant business by working and serving guests with delicious spreads on their platter. He has seen that when it comes to handling guests in lunch time or supper time, during office hours, and on other times of the day, it is a lot easier. It is true that it is very difficult to rush and serve every guest with a smile on the face at all hours of the day. But then, as a part of the job, and as a part of customer service, it has to be done.

Getting guests to come to your restaurant in the peak hours is as tough as getting them to come in other non-rush hours of the day. But then, if the restaurant has become a favorite for steak lovers like the Bob’s Steak and Chop House, then it is not such a big issue. However, it was not always so rosy the picture even for this restaurant.

It is quite logical that for a person to run a restaurant, successfully, few protocols must be followed earnestly. All the staff members must follow the same customer care roles and must not compromise on that ever. This is a very niche field and only those who are good at making the customers really happy can actually stay in the business and literally grow high in the business like Robert Sambol. After all, a happy guest would be a loyal guest when you make him his favorite steak.

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