Regular Tips For Air-conditioner Maintenance To Prolong Its Life

Finally, after many long, cold winter months, summer is coming, and you’re all set for the hot days ahead thanks to your air-conditioning unit. But just like any piece of technical equipment, your air conditioner needs maintenance to keep it working reliably. Regular, careful air conditioning maintenance has a wide range of benefits, including reduced running costs, fewer breakdowns and lower energy consumption. Here are some specially selected tips to help you get the most out of your air-conditioning system this summer.

Regular Tips For Air-conditioner Maintenance To Prolong Its Life

  • Change the Air-Conditioning System’s Filter Regularly

Making sure that the filter in your air-conditioning system stays clean is perhaps the most vital aspect of a maintenance routine. Your filter works to keep out the dust, dirt and debris that are naturally in the air and prevents them from getting inside the condenser coil, where damage could easily be done. When the filter is clogged with dust and dirt, your system becomes less efficient and is forced to use more energy to provide cooled air. Not only does this drive up operating costs, but the strain put on the system can extensively reduce the service life of your unit.

  • Clean the Air Ducts in Your Home

Your air-conditioning system funnels air around your house, and over time the air ducts accumulate dirt and dust, sometimes to the point of becoming totally blocked. Any obstructions, even partial, in the ductwork will reduce the efficiency of the air-conditioning system as it tries to channel cool air around your home. The system will work harder to compensate, resulting in a shorter service life and higher energy bills. A couple of times a year, clean out the house’s ductwork to extend the operational life of your air-conditioning system.

  • Get a Professional to Inspect and Clean the Unit Annually

The above tips are things that you can do, and they are important, but it’s equally a good idea to let a technician inspect your system to ensure that it keeps working at maximum efficiency. A professional service involves examining the circuitry, checking for leaks, measuring the levels of refrigerant and testing overall airflow. This is followed by a clean, where the filter is replaced and the drain channel and coils thoroughly cleaned.

  • Be Aware of Overuse

Besides poor maintenance, the other primary factor that reduces the service life of your system is overuse. Constantly leaving the machine running on full power degrades the internal parts unnecessarily, as well as leading to more frequent system cleans and services. Try leaving some windows open and switching off the unit while you’re out of the house, and enjoy the cool night air while giving the system a chance to rest. This can help extend the life of your air-conditioning unit.

Air-conditioning systems are an expensive investment, but by spending a little time on air conditioning maintenance, you’re making sure that your initial expenditure pays off. Not only will this save you money, but the greater efficiency of the system as a result promises cool, balmy summers for years to come.

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