Reasons To Discover Welkom, South Africa

Touted as the youngest town in South Africa, Welkom has an overwhelming abundance of riches and is worth being loved for varying reasons. For starters, its name means “welcome” is derived from the Afrikaans language.

Since its emergence after the discovery of Gold in the area. Welkom has continued to thrive and grow at a faster rate, much like the major metropolis of Johannesburg. The city is found in the Free State province, about one hundred and forty kilometers’ northeast of the provincial capital, Bloemfontein. It received its city status in 1955 and is the heart of the Free State gold fields.

Below are some of the reasons why you’ve got to discover Welkom:

Traffic System

Welkom is one of the few cities in the world that were planned in advance. The city was planned by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, the then Anglo American Chairman. This planning has led to the harmonious blending of the mining, industrial and residential areas of the city to form the Garden City, as popularly known.

It is referred as the city within a garden due to the numerous parks and cleverly designed gardens that provide the city with shady trees and pretty surrounds. As a result, the city functions exceptionally with an ease of flow. Each suburb has its own commercial and shopping centers that are barely a ten-minute walk from the residential areas.


The use of traffic circles in its traffic system is an attraction that the city boasts of, with the exceptional design still making use of just a few traffic lights. Much attention has been drawn by the city’s traffic flow, with experts from across the globe visiting Welkom to study the minimal number of stop streets and the smart use of traffic circles.

There are no traffic lights at the heart of the city, which contributes to an effortless flow of traffic. This system is admired by many cities and has led to the birth of the name “circle city”, as the city has come to be known.


When it comes to entertainment, Welkom has a lot to offer. One particular spot that sets itself apart from the rest is the Goldfields casino. The property attracts a large number of people and is quite popular for its unique entertainment for friends and families. Located at the heart of Welkom, Goldfields casino offers excellent convenience and accessibility for all visitors.

It is the largest casino in Welkom and covers an area of 80,729 square feet. The casino boasts two hundred and twenty-six gaming machines, 2 poker tables and six tables’ games.


Welkom also has a lot to offer with regard to attractions that range from museums, monuments, and memorials. The Welkom Museum is one place you shouldn’t skip passing by while in Welkom. Here, you will learn the history of Gold and get an insight into the mining process and the production of gold. You can also tour some of the deepest and richest mines in the world. Additionally, Weston is also home to the world’s deepest wine cellar, situated 857 m beneath the surface.

There are numerous monuments and memorials in Weston that include Aandek Monument, WWII Monument, Afrikaans Language Monument, Dog Monument, Joanne Pim Monument, Old Indaba bluegum tree, Voortrekker Memorial, and Moth memorial.
Overall, the history, attractions, and uniqueness of Weston City is quite enticing and makes the city a worthwhile destination.

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