Reasons For Emphasizing Upon The Use Of Stair Nosing

Commercial buildings like office spaces as well as schools, hospitals, universities, and stadiums receive an excessive number of pedestrian traffic throughout the day. The owners or authorities should take each of the possible precautions for ensuring the safety of the users and aid in safeguarding themselves against common accidents. Through this, the owners can also protect themselves from the potential threat of litigations, which can be filed against them for being indifferent and careless about the safety of the visitors.

Reasons For Emphasizing Upon The Use Of Stair Nosing

Use of Stair Edgings in Commercial Areas

  • Quality and safety are two of the key goals of every renovation and construction project, paying attention to small detailing like step nosing stimulate the pace of achieving the goal. The stair edgings define and strengthen the step edges; however the significant proviso is the mode of application.
  • They offer visibility in low light conditions and also aid people with visual impairments.
  • Moreover, they also increase the durability of the stair tread as well as the floor covering that are employed over the staircase by eradicating extreme wear patterns specifically areas that are prone to heavy usage.
  • Stair Nosing plays two roles; it is not only a problem solver but also problem preventer. Generally, the edges of the stairs tend to deteriorate first; with the application of stair edgings, the problem of easily worn-out stairs can be solved.
  • You can also put a stop on the problems incurring from falls and slips due to the anti-slip feature of the FRP step nosing

Why Apply Stair Edgings in Railway, Metro Stations?

Aside of commercial buildings and educational institutes, stair edgings can also provide safety in public transport and station areas. In the busiest time of the day, most of the people walk or move hurriedly, they put little concern over the surface through which they are walking. Owing to that reason, now and then several accidents take place in those areas. The developers and contractors who are in the charge of constructing public sites must be extra protective. The stairs of these places must be underpinned by stair edgings. The same fact is applicable when it comes to public transports featuring stairs like bus.

While considering the composite material of the Stair Nosing, you must look for both aesthetic value and durability. There are diverse numbers of finishes that come with high quality and also suit the décor of the area. FRP reinforced stair edgings are not only durable but they feature several beneficial characteristics as well. Different to the metal alternatives, they don’t feature any issue regarding de-lamination. The structure usually holds robust surfaces instilled with coarse components, consequently prevents de-lamination easily.

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