Properties Of The Granite Worktops

Many stores in the local market are supplying granite worktops. Granite has been very popular since ages when it comes to the use of a stone as the countertops whether in the kitchen or the bathrooms or any other area for that matter.

Properties Of The Granite Worktops

These countertops deliver beautiful aesthetics in the house for worktops in the kitchen and bathrooms and have many qualities which make the granite the first choice of the customer.

Granite is a natural product with great appeal. It enhances the beauty of the kitchen area takes the room to a visually new level of excellence by becoming the attraction of the area. It is usually available in more than 20 shades and can be chosen by keeping in mind the best shade which blends with the other accessories and the colour of the cabinets in the kitchen and its flooring and walls.

Generally granite is a very hard substance and does not get scratches easily but still to maintain its elegance it is important to use it carefully. Granite is not ideal while working with the dull blade knives as it will take the wear and tear easily. Granite resists the heat hence it is ideal to use it near the cooktops. In case you need to put down a really hot pain quickly, the granite will take that heat without getting damaged. In case of a bathroom countertop, the granite can take the heat of a hair tool while it is still warm.

Granite is known for its resistance to the stains and won’t absorb liquids if it is sealed properly. A proper sealing by a specialised expert will keep its attractive looks for an indefinite period.

The countertops made up of granite comprises of grains and minerals which differ in size and colour. It is sometimes noted that there are some small losses of grains which is normal, however if the losses are large in number it is termed as pits.

It is recommended that once the granite worktops have been installed in your kitchen and the joint sealants have been safely cured, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with an anti-stain solution and use a stone polish afterwards. For the day to day care of the granite worktops it should be cleaned with a mild soap or a detergent and then wipe cleaned with a clean dry cloth.

The stone which is formed by volcanic magma provides a magnificent work of art wherever it is used. Until recently, it was one of the most expensive stone to be used as the countertops in the market. But the recent improvisations in the stone technology have made it much affordable for a common man to use the elegance of it.

Dealers are supplying Granite worktops as they can also be very useful, elegant, distinctive and practical when used for the bathroom vanity tops and shower basins and panels.

Choosing a solid granite worktop having wide range of natural colours, stunning good looks and hardwearing qualities add value to your property manifold.

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