Planning A Singles Trip To Israel

Israel is a great country to visit and is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. It is a small country and a politically sensitive country, but these two facts don’t really reduce the number of tourist who visit Israel every year. The travellers all around the world are visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and many other locations throughout the year. And since Israel is a small yet popular country, you need to plan your singles trip to Israel well as hotel rooms become hard to find in the period of rush and can be expensive.

Planning A Singles Trip To Israel

When to Make a Singles Trip to Israel?

Summers are hot and are not suitable for intensive touring. Autumn and spring are ideal seasons in most parts of the country. During the Jewish holidays, the flights are full, rooms are scarce and prices go super high. So, it is always better to plan in advance or even get a custom-made package for singles trip to Israel when the holidays are there. You should plan in advance when you want to book and where to book.

Planning Your Trip

Visas up to 3 months are issued for the citizens of west Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand upon arrival at the Ben Gurion airport. For the reasons of security, visitors whose passports indicates travelling to politically unstable countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan etc. may be taken aside for questioning and in some cases they can be denied entrance. Travelers who have Israeli visa stamps in their passports can enter Jordan and Egypt who have peace agreements and political relations with Israel. Travelers who are entering Jordan by land are issued Visa at the border for some fees. Travelers who are entering Sinai through land from Israel will get Sinai only Visa at the Tab border crossing. But if you wish to travel Egypt beyond Sinai you have to take an all Egypt Visa from an Egyptian embassy well ahead of time. For the travelers who are visiting Israel or Jordan do not need to have any special vaccinations or shots unless you are coming from any epidemic or infection areas. Water is in good condition for drinking in Israel but for Jordan and Egypt you must use bottled water.

Places to Visit in Israel

If you are planning your singles trip to Israel on your Israel vacations, then definitely you are going to have the best time touring the beautiful and holy country of Middle-East. The city of Jerusalem is the holiest place in the world which is sacred to the world’s three major religions of the world- Christians, Muslims and Jews. The Dead Sea on the other hand is famous for its healing waters and unique characteristics which you will find nowhere else in the world. The Mediterranean coastlines offer a number of water sports and fun activities on their beaches and one of the best resorts in the country. Traveling Israel is a fun and your trip to Israel will surely be your best trip if you visit all the best places there.

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