Onboard Experience On Flight Explained

In many airlines like EasyJet, a flight attendant greets passengers as they step onboard. He or she assists passengers who need help locating seats or storing carry bags in the overhead compartment or under the seat.

A flight attendant is neither a ‘sky waiter’, nor an ‘air hostess’. She or he is trained to handle emergency situations and it is her or his job to enforce government regulations and airline policies. Flight attendants may be cheery and hospitable but on an aircraft, the lead flight attendant is the sheriff, the rest are deputies, and their word is law. Refuse their ‘requests’ and you may find yourself facing federal charges on arrival. Some aircraft are equipped with cameras now so belligerent or dangerous behaviour is often documented. If you argue with a flight attendant, you will not win.

When you locate your seat, pull the ends of your seatbelt over the arms of your seat so you do not sit on them. Only babies are allowed in laps during takeoff and landing. If you take a carry bag to stow in the overhead compartment, stow it quickly, take your seat, and leave the aisle clear to allow others to find their seats and stow their bags. Now, sit down and fasten your seat belt.

Onboard Experience On Flight Explained

Plus sized fliers may find the length of the seat belt to be inadequate. The length of the seat belt depends on the aircraft model. Smaller planes typically have smaller seats and smaller belts. It might be embarrassing to request a seat belt extension but a fastened seat belt is required. If you know from experience or think you may need one, ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extension as you board. If you wait until you are seated to try the belt and realize you need one, get the attendant’s attention and make a gesture like you are fastening the belt. If no one is seated beside you, fold the armrest down for extra room. Passengers who require seatbelt extensions are not good candidates for exit rows as they may block the exit door rather than assist other passengers.

Unfortunately, due to the variety of seat sizes, unless you fly the same type of plane regularly, you must purchase more than one extender. Passengers are not allowed to occupy more than one inch of their next seat neighbour’s seat space. If your girth exceeds your berth, consider purchasing two seats in your name. If there are two unoccupied seats available, you will be permitted to move, however the airline may require you to purchase the extra seat at the gate with a credit card to pay a last minute fare. If the flight is full, you may stand by at no charge for a later flight with more seats available, except the charge for the extra seat.

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