Music Production-Basic Tips For Music Mixing

Music production is not an easy task. It involves lots of complications. A music producer has many roles, some of it includes proposing changes to the song arrangements, gathering idea for the project, controlling the record session, selecting songs etc.

Music Production-Basic Tips For Music Mixing

Some of the basic tips for music production are:

Do not forget to write a record before doing any mixing

Always fix the recording problem at the time of recording, if you try doing it later it may create problem

Arrange the environment before you start. Keep everything quite reachable to you so that you do not get distracted while mixing the song. It is important for concentration.

Put the mixer in neutral before you start to work. Pull down the faders on any channels which are not in use. If you do not do this you may find side effects on the track.

Optimize the gain settings. Also make sure that your master recorder is being driven as much as possible.

Subgroup logical sections of all your group so that you can control the overall level of sub grouped elements. This allows you to control the mix using few faders.

When level adjustment needs to be done, make  a fader setting with a china graph wax pencil. If you are using automation, listen to the whole mix without watching the levels.

Do not think that your ears will always tell you the truth. Before missing constantly refer to commercial recording.

Do not overdo any of the effects, it may clutter your recording and take away the contrast needed for the music mix punch.

Do not pan the bass sound, these high energy sounds always needs to be shared equally.

Leave the final and EQ until the full mix is playing. If you work on any single instrument, it is likely to sound little different.

Try not to compete too many instruments for the same part. Try to choose the best sound at the source. Try doing the spectral mixing sometimes.

Good external equalizers will sound better than the console channel EQ.

If possible always, use EQ cut rather than boost.  The Human hearing system is not much more sensitive to EQ cut than to boost.

Compress the vocals to fix them properly in the mix.

Check your mix balance from time to time. Hear it from outside the door. This shows up the level imbalance clearly.

Do not monitor too loudly, it makes the music seem more exciting initially. But at the end user is not likely to get that same music at the end.

Do not forget to check your mixes on headphones as well as speaker. Do not rely solely on headphones for mixing.

Do not change the level of drums and bass unnecessarily during the mix.

Use a fast adequate time for the Ducker and set the time release bar by ear.

Try an ambiance setting induce space.

Listen to your finished mix again, the day after you are finished doing it.

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