Meet A Compassionate Non Profit Endeavor from Renowned Fuel Distributor US

In different surveys, it has been established that animals’ life over the world are at stake. It just not comprises small pets like cats or dogs while the huge animals are also in the race. As the fact file shows that it’s more than 3 million dogs and cats are being killed per year only because they don’t have necessary shelter where they can undergo a safe existence. While a good number of people who are pet lovers provide their pets necessary homes; the majority is not caring about animals’ life or least bothered about their homes. Though some non-profit making societies are considerate on this issue, but once again the number is limited.

Many are killed during hunting even today making many of the species endangered on the planet. Needless to say, in order to maintain ecological equilibrium safe existence of animals is significant. Impressing news is that for the first time in American history, a massive project has been initiated by the privately held major petroleum distribution company to rescue, rehabilitation and preservation of small animals. The initiator is Petroleum Wholesale LP; a Texas based commercial fuel supplying company operating in American Industry for more than 45 years.

Meet A Compassionate Non Profit Endeavor from Renowned Fuel Distributor US

Their great endeavor has been named as Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue, located in The Woodlands area in Texas. The 10 acre area is well protected, fenced and equipped with all necessities of animal life that help them in leading a safe existence. This is to note that this animal rescue and rehabilitation project of Petroleum Wholesale LP is 100% non-profit making. The group has also bought a grassy landed area measuring 300 acres, which is aimed to offer shelter and preservation for oversized animals. The land located in Leon Country is now under development.

Prior to the formation of the Conroe project Rainbow Bride Animal Rescue in TX, the wholesale fuel enterprise used to provide funds to a number of private societies involved in animal rescue and adoption curriculum. In addition to, the community was also engaged in different animal wellbeing programs. In 2015, with its official presence with the Conroe project, Petroleum Wholesale LP has received great appreciation from all over the globe. According to the group’s management that with Rainbow Bride Animal Rescue project it would be possible to enter into comprehensive rescue endeavors.

Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue camp is prepared with up-to-date rehabilitation facility including medical team and housing arrangements for all categories of abused abandoned and neglected animals. A special cell has been made that comprises Rainbow Bridge’s workers who are responsible for arranging rescue programs, transportation of neglected animals and for their overall caring.

Since inception in 1971, Petroleum Wholesale LP is focused to supply high class branded diesel, lubricant and biodiesel products to its channel sales points spread all over Western American and other states also. The community has also launched its newest retail marketing concept of Main Street Market, which is constructed on an area measuring 40000 sq ft in TX. As has been predicated Main Street Market Chain from Petroleum Wholesale is likely to bring a revolutionary change in American Retail Market.

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