Mastering The Art Of Aerial Photography

Jessica Sarkisianis an expert when it come to aerial photography! She is a pilot and an avid aerial photographer. She loves flying in aircrafts and capturing landscapes and subjects on Earth below.Jessica also guides and gives you some really easy tips on how to make your aerial photographs come out the way you want to. She says sometimes you want to get the shots closer to your range. This can be tricky. However, increasing your altitude is a good way of improving your shots. Raised shots will also give you better landscape pictures. She suggests that if you want to capture really good pictures, you should always fly high!

Mastering The Art Of Aerial Photography

When you are flying in the sky, you should make use of the GPS mode. This will take you close to the location you wish to capture and stabilize the aircraft. This is helpful when you are flying in a helicopter. The GPS mode will stabilize the copter and you can take still photos better. Your equipment is very important when you are into aerial photography. Every camera is different. They have different features and settings. Some may need to be altered to suit your tastes and requirements. When you decide to become an aerial photographer, it is very important for you to familiarize yourself with the settings of the camera you are to use. This will help you get better pictures.

The moment you master your camera, you are able to master your pictures too. Weather is also an important feature for aerial photography. When you have decided to go out for taking some snaps, it is important to keep track of climate and weather reports. If you are flying to a new place for aerial shots, you should research the place well and know its climate too. At the end of the day, you do not wish to shoot in bad weather do you?To get the right snaps, Jessica Sarkisian suggests that you should try to shoot from different angles. This will give you a host of options as well to get the perfect picture. Taking a series of pictures of the same subject will also help you get some great snaps.

If you are going in for night photography, it is important that you have the right lighting equipment. Take these lighting accessories along with you when you are in a helicopter. This will help you capture some amazing night pictures if you are close to sunset and wish to click the beauty of darkness from the sky. Last but not the least Jessica suggests that you should always get a powerful camera for your needs. She advises you not to stick to one camera alone. You should try many options. She can also carry them with you when in the air provided they fit inside the copter or aircraft. Get a camera that has a high megapixel resolution and count.

Jessica Sarkisian says that following these tips alone will give you amazing pictures you will be proud of!

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