LIMS- A Brief Overview Of The Application Software

Quality is one of the most important and crucial aspect of the supply chain for the manufacturing companies and thus, they consider installing specific systems especially for the laboratories that perform the task of quality checking for the unfinished goods. LIMS or the Laboratory Information Management System can help you by tracking the tests, scheduling the tests and then pass the test results to the other systems of the supply chain.

LIMS- A Brief Overview Of The Application Software

What Is The Role Of LIMS Software?

Primarily, the software is used just like a reporting tool, where users can input information about everything, whether it is about a test sample or a number for inspection. Apart from this, you can also use this software to extract information about the materials from where it was extracted, like its location, time and date. This software basically holds every detail about the sample.

As the sample continues to go through the entire testing process, the users can update the LIMS system. You can also track the entire process by entering some simple numbers inside the system and then manually entering the location by utilizing barcodes. When the sample is at first entered inside the system, LIMS can actually print the barcode label with a very unique “sample number”.

Functionality of LIMS:

LIMS are of various types and each differs in their features and functionality. This system has been developed from “complex relational database driven tools” to record storage and data entry. Now, they try their best to offer enhanced functionality that is often provided upon the wireless network, permitting extensive flexibility for examination in difficult and remote environment.

Compliance and Regulation:

Functionality and credibility of the software is much superior to just reporting a tracking samples. LIMS system most of the time comply with the regulations that influences the user. It is essential for the systems that they must have the capability of accepting e-signatures, chain of custody and audit chains. All these types of functionality are essential for ensuring that one who is responsible gets the access of the samples and the results of the samples after inspection.

This is one, but there are various other functionality of this software. Most of you are unaware of all and thus, following blogs and articles like this can help you know more about this application software or this LIMS system.

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